back to article Top500: 'Sky River 2' still rules as graphics tech leaves HPC applecart largely untouched

The Top500 ranking of the world's fastest supercomputers has been released, and the list of the top five systems could very well be simply a Xerox copy of the previous list, which came out back in summer. In the June rankings, the number one spot was taken by the massively parallel Tianhe-2 (Milky Way-2) at China's National …


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  1. i like crisps

    WRONG !!!...

    ...the Raspberry Pi should be #1....well i think its a very Supercomputer,

    very Super there!

  2. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    I'm sorry Dave...

    These aren't the stats you are looking for.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If the current trend continues...

    In 2025 we'll have graphics cards running at 33.86 petaflops.

    1. an it guy

      Re: If the current trend continues...

      ah, but will they play crysis?

  4. asdf

    can't resist

    What I see in the chart is HP's joke Itanium not being in the list for nearly half a decade but Snoracle's sorry SPARC still having a sliver in the list. Don't know which is more pathetic. IBM seems to be hanging on at a small minority of the market but definitely more than a sliver or a distant memory.

    1. Kiralexi

      Re: can't resist

      IPF is listed under Intel, not HP. The last IPF system on the list - NASA's Columbia Altix cluster - remained in the list until June 2012.

      The SPARCs in the list aren't Oracle, and are only vaguely SPARC - they're clusters of non-SMP-capable Fujitsu SPARC64 parts with custom vector extensions.

      1. asdf

        Re: can't resist

        So be it but still officially SPARC outlasted IPF even if only technically. Both are dead men walking obviously.

  5. Lars Silver badge

    This is

    The most unnecessary comment in the history of The Register. Still I will do it. Among the top 50 super computers all are Linux, among the top500 482 (96%) are Linux. Now why do I mention this while Linux is not yet 100% of the top500. Around 2000 I asked the "top500 guys" to mention the OS too, I still have the emails, but the response then was that it is of no importance. Linux must have reached the dominent OS before the top500 list decided it might be of interest to the "public" Meanwhile there was this one based on Apple that got all the attention in the world with headlines like "what ever" but even today we have stuff like this. " 10.6.2013 - 10 years ago this month, if it existed, Apple's new Mac Pro would have been the eighth most powerful supercomputer on the entire planet,"

    Wow wow wow, ten years ago as number eight, wow wow wow.

    So things are as they should be, people dealing and producing super compurters know what they are doing but expect soon the "iPhone faster than a super computer" (and in small text "twenty years ago").

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