back to article Rip-'n'-replace box maker gets $58m to make data centre poison cubes

Do-it-all converged server-storage-networking upstart SimpliVity has raised $58m in a C-round. The cash will be used to bolster the OmniCube's engineering team, expand its service and support organisation, and boost its field team. The OmniCube is a replacement for existing point IT server, storage and networking products and …


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  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    Go Simplivity! They've got good tech and good people. Glad to see others are recognizing this. One of these days I hope to get both Simplivity and Nutanix into my lab for a nice head-to-head; these folks have sexy gear to show off and it just seems to keep getting better.

    It's nice to see Simplivity will have the cash to start hiring additional bodies; Nutanix has been on a hiring spree and they'll need the wetware to keep up! Competition is good, and with both VMware and Maxta on the pure software side (and HP making Lefthand free for ProLiant buyers) the converged infrastructure space certainly has a lot of it.

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