back to article Google grants cloud servers IMMORTALITY (during maintenance)

Google has taken a lead on cloud rivals by granting its virtual machines immortality via a new live migration feature. This means that when Google shuts down cloud data centers for scheduled maintenance in the future, client VMs will stay up while being migrated to another online bit barn. The announcement was made in a post …


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  1. Matt J

    Sub heading is wrong...

    This doesn't protect against a "bit barn exploding", unless of course the explosion is known about in advance :)

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Sub heading is wrong...

      Well, we meant if the data center under maintenance explodes... but if it's confusing, I'll change it to something sarcastic.


  2. Uncle Ron

    IBM's Power VM has been doing "Live Partition Mobility" or LPM, of huge and tiny virtual machines for a decade.

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