back to article Who! wants! Yahoo! flogs! domains! in! multimillion-dollar! sale!

Just when you thought there were no more good domains available, Yahoo! has decided to auction off a list of URLs that it says it no longer needs – and a lot of them are prime internet real estate. "This year, we found a huge list of domain names that the company has owned for quite some time," Yahoo! attorney Kevin Kramer …


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  1. Cliff

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I think they're keeping that one back :D

    2. LarsG

      Let those stupid enough buy them....

  2. wolfetone Silver badge

    I'd buy, but only if its gluten free.

  3. Alistair Silver badge

    How about

  4. Jamie Jones Silver badge


    In the days where everyone just googles or facebooks, I would have thought the "domain bubble" burst a long time ago.

    Do people who want some diy stuff really just 'guess' at these days?

    1. Malcolm 1

      Re: Really?

      While I generally agree with your point (I was quite glad when British Gas stopped using the largely nonsensical, B&Q do have the problem that B& is not a valid domain name, is unwieldy, makes little sense (and was also invalid until very recently) .

  5. markw:


    It can be quite amusing to see what people have registered.

    E.g. someone has registered


    1. Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

      Re: Poo


      Maybe we're meant to parse it differently? I can never see as a site that sells writing instruments (but they do, although also unfortunately claiming to specialize in wood), and as for the talent agent finder site ...

      (both perfectly SFW, in case you're wondering)

      1. no-one in particular

        Re: Poo

        If only someone could invent a character we_can_use_to_separate_words

      2. ProperDave

        Re: Poo

        On the note of parsing... That horrific waste of space Experts Exchange wisely hyphenated their URL to avoid misdirecting innocent transgender users to their site. Though I still grin whenever I see their results poison my search results, reading it how I think it should read... :)

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Poo

        No to mention the go to site for entrepreneurs looking to make money in mass transit:

    2. Jamie Jones Silver badge

      Re: Poo

      " E.g. someone has registered


      To review poo of course!

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Poo

      E.g. someone has registered


      Because there is real poo, and sham poo.

  6. JassMan

    cyber squatting

    I would think if your name is Bill Jockeys or John Cursed, you could get these names for free. If they are selling the names off they are obviously not using them (therefore are jsust squqtting on them) and you would have a good case for a free transfer.

  7. DaveyG

    Sneaky! Move! by! .Yahoo!

    They are unloading all their .com domains before they become useless, the new top level domains are coming on-line in the next couple of weeks.

  8. Notas Badoff

    batoota? batoota?

    Hmm, okay, there's an association with Arabic, but who knows what batoota was supposed to mean. Hmm, Batoota films would like Ibn Battuta was "a famous traveler" so I could see a travel-related site for the ME.

    But... How did Yahoo end up with it? That might be an interesting story!

  9. Shannon Jacobs

    Business model of domain squatting versus REAL value

    I hate to beg for the upvotes, but how many of you think that Yahoo should focus on REAL value.

    For a while I actually worked for a fellow who 'invested' a lot of the VC money in domain speculation. After a while I left and a while after that he went bankrupt. Yahoo is overdue.

    My own favorite REAL investment for Yahoo would be to add some EFFECTIVE anti-spammer-business-model tools into Yahoo Mail. The basic idea would be to make it MUCH easier for people who hate spam to disrupt the spammers' business models.

    Can you imagine how much value it would add to Yahoo Mail if the spammers were actually afraid of Yahoo because spamming there tended to lose money? I'm not advocating for vigilante tools, I just think we should be allowed to help with the targeting, especially faster targeting so that the spammers can't reach their suckers and get any money.

    Then again, if I did have a button to push to nuke the spammers, I can't guarantee I wouldn't press it. At least not oftener than several times per second.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Business model of domain squatting versus REAL value

      Yahoo should do the rest of us a favour and flog off etc, give all their money away to some nice useful charity and quietly disappear into the history books. Their starring role in the internet was only ever a few years long and they've lacked a credible raison d'être for at least 10 years beyond being the only mass mail company to offer push mail. Their recent bout of patent trolling and the barking mad state of their mail security suggests they are now way past their sell by date, and with plenty of money to sling around they are positively dangerous; now likely to do far more damage than good to innovation and future developments online.

      If we want the shape of technology and the online world to look like the barren wasteland of a geriatric corporate wet dream, leaving a collective of clueless gits like Yahoo, Microsoft + chums in charge of the keys would be the way to do it; for anything more appetising, enforced retirement or euthanasia is the answer.

  10. cortland

    Yayhoo? Who's that?

  11. You have not yet created a handle

    Makes you wonder what plans they had with some of them.. - wtf does that have to do with a search engine portal

  12. Terryih

    Bye Bye Yahoo!


    The Boss, just nipping off to have a nervous breakdown.

  13. Swarthy

    The Next Rick-Roll? should be a redirect to 'The Fox Song' by Ylvis (could also sell the children's book)

  14. Fihart

    Flogging off the family silver.

    To pay for golden parachutes.

    1. Eradicate all BB entrants

      Re: Flogging off the family silver.

      I though something similar. I bet someone said they knew where some costs could be cut and asked for the proceeds of the sale as a bonus.

  15. Arachnoid

    How come they dont get done for with holding names they clearly dont use same as cyber squatters....

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