back to article HDS unveils embiggened array: We HAF vays of making you flash

HDS has updated its HAF all-flash array, doubling the size of its proprietary SSDs to 3.2TB and the resulting maximum capacity to 38.4TB. It has picked the week of EMC's XtremIO announcement to release the news. The HUS 150 array has had support for Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage modules added, bringing, HDS claims, " …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Benchmark shpenshmark

    Come on guys, if you are going to quote benchmarks, please ensure that the comparisons are up to date, valid and relevant. As always, NetApp gets a bashing in the article yet looking at the comparisons, the kit being compared isn't even sold anymore, even though it still outperforms the HDS box.

    The benchmarks need updating and modernising with all manufacturer's current offering and, where possible, like for like SSD, HDD and controller flash configurations. This way, the vendors can be properly compared rather than some skewed mish-mash of high end, low end or simply differently configured systems.

    1. francoiszim

      Re: Benchmark shpenshmark

      There is really no ambiguity in the benchmarks sited here. The benchmarks referred to (SpecSFS) are publicly audited and open and show that 64 HAF modules beats 500+ SSDs in the next fastest comparable NAS platform. Netapp have a very limited flash strategy and don't have performance numbers that compete with these or they would publish, no? SpecSFS is not a closed shop and any vendor can post results that they can provide evidence for - you can't bleat about old metrics being used for comparison if you haven't been able to show evidence of anything better?

      1. Alex McDonald 1

        Re: Benchmark shpenshmark

        NetApp here.

        (It's "cited", not "sited"; using the wrong word doesn't help your argument.)

        We do have a flash strategy and a lot more varieties of flash (FlashCache -- big caches made of flash, FlashPools -- mixed pools of SSD and disk, EF540 -- all flash array) than Hitachi has; you just haven't been paying attention.

        What we don't have is a recent benchmark with flash SSD, which is a good point.

        1. francoiszim

          Re: Benchmark shpenshmark

          Hi Alex, The whole point of an innovation like HAF is the fact that you don't need incompatible FLASH-ONLY arrays like EF540 to achieve all flash performance - If I was using an ONTAP array I'd question why NetApp is trying to sell me another silo for my high performance apps? A flash "strategy" which gives existing customers no credible upgrade path to all flash performance?

          By contrast - with HAF you can just retrofit into an existing HDS array and leverage all the functionality you have built your business on (this works by embedding compute cores with every flash module so you get linear scale).

          Also, if it is flash choice you're after - our customers get access technologies like Hybrid IO in Hitachi Compute Blade which gives them the ability to install 192TB of PCIe Flash inside the server bus. So whether you need to offload IOs to the edge or service them in shared storage it's covered...

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