back to article Maxta chucks vSAN out of stealth and into El Reg review suite

Maxta has officially come out of stealth, and its first stop has been our very own testing lab. As previously discussed, Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP) is typically spoken of in the same breath as VMware's VSAN, Nutanix or Simplivity. The Register has taken the time to see what makes Maxta think it has the stuff to take on the …


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  1. G Olson

    Where's the failure?

    Missing some real world operations scenarios here:

    What happens when one disk fails?

    What happens when a second disk fails?

    How does rebuild affect performance?

    How does vMotion perform when you have to take a host offline?

    This is sales dribble.

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Where's the failure?

      It passed every failure mode I had time to test. Rebuild speeds were about what you'd expect from a regular RAID. We had to tear down the cluster for a reconfiguration, but we're hoping to get back to it next week as part of testing it against VMware's VSAN.

      I want to find a way to break this as much as anyone. So far, I haven't found one. When I do, I'll post it here, just like I always do.

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