back to article Oracle's nemesis MariaDB releases sleekest seal yet to beta

MariaDB has capped off a dazzling year with the release of a beta of Version 10 of the free MySQL replacement. The beta of the database was announced on Thursday and sees the technology gain some features that can't be found in the MySQL database upon which it is based, further driving a wedge between it and the Oracle-backed …


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  1. banjomike

    ...doesn't affect our Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud SQL offering for developers...


  2. Michael C.

    MariaDB, MariaDB, MariaDB.

    Can't avoid reading about MariaDB lately, sounds quite exciting. As a dev whose been using MySQL in a predominantly PostgreSQL community for some time, it's a breath of fresh air for there to be a bit of a buzz around MySQL for once!

  3. Forget It

    Ave o MariaDB, piena di grazia,

    il Signore e' con te.

  4. Frances Banana
    Thumb Up

    "You do nothing - you never make mistakes"

    Recently there's been a lot of hype around MariaDB - and that's nice to see. Unfortunately it happens that every now and then they release something that for example has memory leaks - but hey - only those that do nothing have empty "error registers".

    I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on MariaDB 10 release - with all the replication goodies this will be a killer product.

    I am just afraid of one thing... what will be Oracle's answer?

  5. bigtimehustler

    Could Oracle not simply merge in the changes from MariaDB? Both projects are after all open source at their base level. So you could just end up with a situation where MariaDB merge stuff in from MySQL and then n turn MySQL merge stuff in from MariaDB. So both could stay fairly feature on parity, minus the paid extras that Oracle does not open source.

    1. zooooooom

      As I understand it, Oracle own MySQL so they can license it how they like - it does not HAVE to be FOSS. If they adopt MariaDB code under the GPL, then they will no longer be able to license it in they way they choose and all downstream versions would be GPL.

      Given that, they may as well just offer commercial support for MariaDB, and and retain ownership of the increasingly unpopular MySQL.

      1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

        Is that the reverse of "RMS vs. LISP Machines"?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Adverts in the middle of the page as well the edges now?

    1. Steve Todd

      Not in my web browser

      I get the occasional popup form wanting me to take part in some survey or other, but no ads centre screen.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Not in my web browser

        ...just the 444 word article purporting to be a "news story"

  7. batfastad

    Storage engine?

    "Red Hat making it its new storage engine; Fedora making it the default implementation of MySQL in Fedora 19;"

    Red Hat's new storage engine? Please elaborate!

    1. vagabondo

      Re: Storage engine?

      Jack can't help it. He's a journo, not a techie.

      Although he did seem to use "engine" correctly a bit further down.

  8. dssf

    Now, if only someone would put that kind of effort into

    A user-friendly, ease-of-use front-end such as the likes of Lotus Approach, but the the power of Alpha 5.

    Oh, wait ... that level of ease of use would gut the support industry and seminars and convention center industry by 50%

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