back to article Feel Cisco's WRATH: Over 1,000 placed on DENIED partner sh*t list

Cisco has launched an EMEA-wide crackdown in the channel after expelling Phoenix IT Group from the Gold Partner network, which our sources alleged was because it flouted support rules by supplying grey market kit. The Brand Protection police at the networking Goliath sent letters to more than 1,000 resellers, integrators and …


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  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Grey Market

    can also mean proper kit bought legally from the manufacturer in a different country. It does not have to mean counterfiet gear at all.

    One of the reasons for buying the kit abroad is simply price. with companies still using a 1:1 US dollar/GBP exchange rate then buying the kit directly from the US can improve your margins considerably.

    Just saying....

  2. AndyFl

    This could end up hurting Cisco. Some of the names in the story do large government projects in the Middle East. If they cannot sell Cisco as part of an integrated project they will either use their own or other suppliers equipment.

    As an example, I'm sure Juniper will still supply to Alcatel and Avaya.

    In any case the shared support (or whatever it is called now) is a real scam and gets tagged on the end of every quote. It looks like a Cisco tax as the customer is forced to sign up for it regardless of if they want any support.

    Might end up weakening the Cisco stranglehold in many places.

    1. K

      "This could end up hurting Cisco"

      No could about it - its already pushed Cisco further down my "sh*t list"... which I did not believe possible, as Cisco were already last. Theres is now 200 empty spaces between them at the next contender!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Had to laugh....

    how Huwawei are on the list.....

    Don't sell to them becuase they make better kit than us, I mean...errrr...they're commies, yes that will do.

  4. The Godfather

    Grey? been around so long it's white-washed.

    Nothing new, dealing in grey has been around for decades....sole responsibility rest with the manufacturer for screwing around, playing silly games and making real margin for those down the food change nigh impossible.

    Oddly, they turn a blind eye when it suits them.

  5. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Amazing rituals of suicide in the search for more money

    The only Cisco router I ever got was Very Grey Indeed.

    I wouldn't have appeared on the asset list of the small company I was in at the time.

    Will Cisco reduce itself to a company sitting on "IP wealth" only? It could happen in this decade.

  6. dehgb


    Grey is a very broad term.

    If it is bought in a different country... its GREY

    If it was originally bought by someone who sells it because they bought too much... its GREY

    If Cisco in a different country wants to make a sales target and dumps Excess stock on the market... its GREY

    The lesson here is no one in the "GREY" market makes this kit. With the exception of counterfeit this kit is made by Cisco in the same factory for worldwide usage. The fact Cisco sells these themselves and fuels the GREY market is their own fault. We should also question EAA regulation. Cisco makes this stuff in the same factory but because the EU caves in Europe is stuck paying higher prices. How are we supposed to compete globally??

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