back to article Cloud, virtualisation and big data added to TAFE curriculum

A new curriculum for information technology courses taught at Australia's colleges of technical and further education (TAFEs, Polytechnic for UK readers, community college in the USA) has been released. “ICA 11 2.0” emerged yesterday and describes dozens of different qualifications and hundreds of subjects taught at TAFE. The …


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  1. ops4096

    Meh ...

    Why bother. It seems clear that .au refuses to employ local IT workers no matter how well trained and that those roles that do exist are outsourced to exploited third world sweatshops as soon as feasible. What rationale is there to pay thousands of dollars for soon to be privatized and increasingly sub standard TAFE helldesk training when there is no industry demand which cannot be satisfied with a 457 visa at half the price. TAFE would be better served by opening campuses in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, anywhere that's not .au. Any existing IT workers who dream of employment should bow to the great god of market conditions, join the great .au brain drain and emigrate.

    1. GrumpyOldBloke

      Re: Meh ...

      I am not sure that emigration will save them. The West lost manufacturing to the global labour cloud and (some) moved up a layer of abstraction to services. We are now loosing services to global labour and technology clouds and some will have to move up another layer of abstraction to process, content and intelligence. We require new skill sets that allow us to mine value from these clouds, to create and charge for scarcity in a world of abundance. We already see the beginnings of this brave new world in the various collaborative platforms available on the internet and their ability to coordinate talent on a global scale. Open source was an early harbinger of this process. The biggest challenge such innovators will face will be collaborative approaches to IP and capital, free from the sticky fingers of the parasitic public sector and their corporate dinosaur lobbyists.

    2. Moving Pictures

      Re: Meh ...

      Well... Looks like another nail in the coffin of my career. Time to re-train into a growth industry that is impossible to outsource.

      Medicine? Some sort of nursing, radiology or pathology?

  2. Dave Brooks

    Amazon won't miss out

    I wouldn't worry about the missing AWS references. That doesn't mean they're excluded.

    The way the units of competencies are designed, any new vendors or products that fill the criteria can be used.

  3. Diogenes

    For crying out loud

    I only just finished the upgrade form ICA05 to ICA11 so that I could teach a cert 3 level at school - I hope I don''t have to "upgrade*" for the 3rd time in 2 years.

    The first "upgrade" was actually a downgrade from my brand new degree (level 7 on the ASQA scale) to a cert 3 (level 3 on the ASQA scale) - although the degree was only 12 months old because TAFE wont recognise our school awarded units unless we have the cert 3 as well (and they make a nice business doing the training )

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm doing a virtualization subject for my diploma of sys admin. Its 14 weeks work of using VMWare worksation, HyperV on Server2008R2 and using Server 2008 R2

    1. gr00001000

      Sounds very relevant, do they promise a job at the end?

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