back to article It's the Shiz: Mutant RAT spotted gnawing at SAP apps

Cyber-crooks are making the first steps towards using advanced malware to target mission-critical corporate ERP applications, such as SAP. A new variant of the well-known Shiz remote access trojan (RAT) searches infected systems for the existence of SAP applications. Previous versions of the malware were designed simply to …


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  1. Awil Onmearse
    Black Helicopters

    Occam's Razor

    <Insert 3-or-6-letter agency here>

    1. Thecowking

      Re: Occam's Razor


      Attenborough is the secret mastermind of the global elite. Which is why he's spent so much of his life travelling.

      It all makes sense now!

  2. Anonymous Coward


    >Once attackers have remote access to the infected PC, they can easily read the configuration files and GUI automation scripts, grab user credentials, and even hook into the application processes.

    Hire these guys as consultants quickly.... They seem to know more about how each app works and communicates in the sub system than the consultants we overpay to project manage and 'badly implement' our current ERP upgrade project.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Meanwhile in megacorp towers

      User: "WHY DOESN'T THIS WORK" [Bangs Keyboard]

      An impromptu window open. The titlebar say "Rattus Rattus". A lone cursor on a black background blinks a few seconds. Then a hesitant yet imperious text accumulates:

      "FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBITI heard you seem to have some problems. Maybe I can help?"

      User: "Yet another clippy crap. I don't need this..."

      Terminal: "You are wrong! I am just commandeering your machine. Thanks for letting the microphone open, btw."

      User: "Are you from helpdesk?"

      Terminal: "No, I'm from Russia!"

      User: "Oh, ok. So... there is this problem with Word..."

      FIve minutes later, problem fixed!

  3. Denarius Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    more likely to be

    a tax gathering organisation developing its weapons against the suits. The poor never had money, the middle class are nearly broke so finally the wealthy may get some attention. And we all hear about how much $$ is held by companies not paying much tax.

  4. JCitizen

    SAP is CRAP!

    Need I say more?

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