back to article Ex-HP VP predicts PC arm sell-off and life as IBM's number 2

Canalys’s APAC channels conference in Bangkok last week was jam-packed with senior execs, from HP’s Meg Whitman to top dogs from EMC, Cisco and Microsoft and their counterparts in major distributors and resellers. But flying in under radar was one veteran exec simply listed as a “distinguished guest”. In a 33-year career, …


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  1. JFDavies

    Amazing views from a true industry veteran who can afford now to speak plainly.

  2. The Godfather

    They always win on penalties...

    He could perhaps have been more brutally honest but he clearly hits the nail on the head in summation. It will take an awful lot of digging to get HP out of its current hole. It needs to divest some elements and forge ahead in serving its own interest above those of 'the channel', which changes suggest is an increasingly obsolescent and meaningless route to its ultimate market.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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