back to article Huawei was never interested in buying Blackberry

Huawei has acknowledged global geopolitical reality, telling a London conference it's not much interested in the growth-by-acquisition model that's so much a staple of Silicon Valley. According to the current occupant of the Chinese giant's rotating CEO position Eric Xu, the company will be able to run a go-it-alone strategy …


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  1. Oh Homer
    Paris Hilton

    So what IS the sound of a thousand spooks' sphincters unclenching?

    I vote for the sound made by a massive serving spoon scooping out a supersized helping from the world's biggest trifle.

  2. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Au contraire

    > the collective relief-sighs of spooks,

    But spooks make their living from uncertainty and insecurity. Not from having a world that is happy, safe and secure. So if there was any unclenching being done it would have been from the high net worth Blackberry users (or mostly ex-users, these days) on hearing that their traffic data would not end up in the hands of an unknown entity. Though I do hope they don't unclench too much - that could be embarrassing.

    The spooks however: not so much. From their point of view, a world with no worries means less need for their services. Although they are very, very good at stirring up FUD (Yes, there's a threat and we've categorised it as "a potential risk". No, we can't tell you more for reasons of national security. No, how we will deal with it is classified. You just need to know that we'll require an extra billion - no, better make that two - to keep you all safe.) and pressing all the anxiety buttons. So the lack of a chinese player in the Blackberry endgame? Maybe the sound is really that of sorrows being drowned.

  3. Desk Jockey

    Better security in-house

    I actually read that statement from Huawei to actually mean, "We know the NSA have penetrated Blackberry because that nice Mr Snowden told us. So instead we will develop our own secure systems, with the help of the nice chaps from the Chinese Interior Ministry, which the NSA will then have to develop a lot of time and effort into penetrating."

    I think the spooks might actually be disappointed. No easy backdoors into the Politiboro.

  4. Hi Wreck
    Big Brother

    Doesn't need blackberry

    'Cause they probably have the secret sauce already. Memories of iOS (no,the other one) come to mind.

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