back to article Commies copying West again as Vietnam plans own Silicon Valley

Over 35 years after the Vietnam war ended, the communist Asian state is looking to the good ol’ US for its inspiration with a new government backed initiative designed to make a success out of its emerging technology industry. The Silicon Valley Vietnam (SVVN) project will see the government stump up an initial $400,000 in a …


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  1. LarsG

    China is becoming too expensive, India is becoming too expensive so in the next round of 'where can we get low labour costs' Vietnam will be the place to go.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Vietnam will be the place to go"

      Nightmare. Who will make my trainers if this plan comes off?

  2. Lars Silver badge

    Surprise me

    "Things work so well in the US precisely because there is minimal state interference, after all." Please tell us which things.

  3. DaLo

    Minimal State Interference

    I'm not sure you could class intercepting the traffic of two of the largest Cloud service providers, demanding backdoors in to software, forcing companies to hand over encryption keys in secret courts, intercepting laptops at borders and making copies of the entire hard disk with no reason and no oversight, etc minimal state interference.

    I would think it is quite a lot of state interference.

  4. JaitcH

    Can someone explain to writer MUNCASTER the difference between ...

    Communism and Socialism. VietNam is not a Communist Asian state, rather it is a former Communist state that has adopted Socialism - like Denmark.

    If Muncaster wants to understand the difference send him to China (make sure his passport doesn't say reporter) and then to VietNam.

    The VietNam economy is built on small enterprises, with a few government owned larger enterprises. There are some large private VN enterprises, such as the food industry (noodles and rice) or highrise accommodation.

    And the Vietnamese are still learning how to use the InterNet for business. A Decree sorting out some copyright problems, or making a rule for the domicile of VN domain servers won't affect much. As for DINH Nhat-Uy, he challenged the governments well understood policies. The USA and the EU have similar policies in limiting freedom especially the UK.

    Start-up money is a problem and only the government has the wherewithal to start the process. In the USA they call it the TARP Plan. The US government kick-started the solar industry, yet Muncaster doesn't condemn that. Many VN policies are copied from the West.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A good thing

    that they did not model it on the Silicon ROUNDABOUT.

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