back to article Salesforce whips out private-public-ish 'iTunes app store' for enterprise IT

Public-cloud preacher will deliver a white-label version of its enterprise "app store" for private clouds – so businesses can use it to distribute software to staff. The Marc Benioff-run online giant has dubbed the product Private AppExchange, which companies can individually brand and tailor as required. The …


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  1. Wintermute

    Don't tar Salesforce with Microsoft's blunders

    Azure may have had two worldwide failures just this year, which makes the offering from Salesforce all the more compelling.

    How many times has Salesforce's cloud gone down globally over its entire history? That's right, never.

  2. Refugee from Windows

    Less than impressed

    These data cloud things, where all you business's commercially confidential information is held "somewhere". Might it be just a bit too much of a temptation for some (Un-named US Security Agency) to go rifling through it for anything that might help (Unspecified US business) allegedly in security interests?

    Can't say what internal business apps we wouldn't want them to have a play with, but there's just that slight danger that someone might just walk off with one to a competitor that's all.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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