back to article China's Qihoo unveils kids' smart watch for nosy parents

Controversial Chinese web and AV firm Qihoo 360 has entered the smart watch market with a new device aimed at paranoid parents who want to track their children’s whereabouts. The wrist-mounted gadget has been designed to “help parents protect their children from human trafficking and other tragic accidents”, Qihoo founder Zhou …


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  1. Graham Marsden
    Big Brother

    "at least where their kids might have left the device"

    Obviously this needs to include a pulse monitor to ensure that it's still on the child's wrist. Or perhaps it should be lockable with only the parent having the key. And whist they're at it, why not include a remote electric shock device if they discover their child has wandered off the direct path home or has stopped off at a friend's house...

  2. Chris G Silver badge

    Have done with it

    and fire a tracking chip into their necks at birth! It works with stolen JCBs.

    The article does not mention if it is possible for the kids to easily remove the watch, think of the glee on their little faces looking through the window at their parents tracking them on a flight to Uganda or floating down the Yangtze river!

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