back to article Microsoft creates new cert to make VMware admins 'bi-lingual'

Microsoft has found another way to grab some market share from VMware's: a new certification it says is designed “to help IT pros who are VMware experts build their expertise in Microsoft virtualization.” Redmond's pitch is that IT professionals need to be “bi-lingual” when it comes to virtualisation, because while VMware does …


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  1. vagabondo

    > the education and certification also mention virtual machine migration tools.

    I suppose helping the move away from Hyper-V to VMware is an attempt to reduce customer dissatisfaction. Are there any MS tools for migration to KVM in the offing?

    1. Lusty

      If you mean from KVM then yes, you just P2V the VM and call the operation a V2V. I can't think of a reason Microsoft would make a tool to migrate to KVM, or even a reason large Microsoft deployments would consider KVM as a hypervisor since it lacks a lot of the surrounding cloud tools and infrastructure that Microsoft provide. SCVMM and other SC tools have moved on a lot recently and have even started making VMware look like they need to catch up a bit. KVM may be a good solution for those with a lot of Linux in the environment but it's no better or worse as a hypervisor than Hyper-V or ESXi, and Hyper-V would already be licenced in a Windows environment.

      Going from VMware to Hyper-V there are some really great tools for mass migration available to MS partners.

      1. Alex Rose


        I think the coat icon denotes that vagabondo's post is a little tongue-in-cheek. Especially as MS are likely to be providing tools to go VMware to Hyper-V rather than the other way round.

        1. Lusty

          Re: @Lusty

          Sorry missed that :)

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        " or even a reason large Microsoft deployments would consider KVM as a hypervisor since it lacks a lot of the surrounding cloud tools and infrastructure that Microsoft provide"

        Also KVM isn't as efficient and doesn't scale as well as Hyper-V - particularly with very IO intensive workloads...

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

  2. Slacker@work

    gee thanks...

    Thanks MS for the free course, shame it starts at 17:00 GMT and runs until 03:00.

    Must stock up on caffeine!

    1. Eradicate all BB entrants

      Re: gee thanks...

      No wonder my time management never seems to work out, I must be on PST time where 7.5 hours converts to 10 with GMT.

  3. Erik4872

    Not surprising this would happen

    For all the mess they're causing on the Windows client side, Microsoft has been making some smart moves on the server side. One of them is giving away fully-functional Hyper-V for the cost of a server license. We're starting to move away from VMWare in situations where it makes sense to do so. Our company's IT leadership just isn't ready for KVM or similar -- not because they're OSS, but they have an intense need for a vendor to nail to the wall.

    The big holdouts are going to be companies with large data centers who are heavily invested in VMWare and have admins who only know VMWare. Our "main" data center is like this -- they refuse to support Hyper-V in production still. Unless VMWare reduces their prices significantly or gives away all the functionality in the "free" version and just limits capacity, even the holdouts are probably going to have to change their minds.

  4. W. Anderson

    Simon Sharwood must be playing to a dunce audience when he says " (Microsoft's) Hyper-V has been going from strength to strength, leading to more and more organizations adopting this platform” and uses as verification for his statement that " The Reg has encountered 'PLENTY of OPINION" to back that up.

    Opinion on one,repeat one technology blog post has never been and will never be credible or qualifiable for making definitive claims in regard technology adoption. If Mr. Sharwood is a paid or unpaid strong supporter or even a shill of Microsoft, then his misguided sentiments at least can be explained, even if not acceptable. Otherwise his lack of competent journalism without any degree objective integrity should be eliminated from TheRegister pages, once and for all.

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