back to article Syrian Electronic Army claims Obama social media hijacking

The Syrian Electronic Army has been up to its old tricks again, this time claiming to have infiltrated president Barack Obama’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts, and re-election web site. A series of tweets were sent from @BarackObama account and updates were made to the president’s Facebook account on Monday linking to …


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  1. Captain DaFt

    Oh those scamps.

    Don't they know that they're coming across as school kids, running around spraying graffiti and engaging in petty vandalism, then running off giggling? Hardly the type that anyone takes seriously.

  2. Crisp

    I'd have thought that the President would have had better security

    If they skimp on security to the point where a bunch of script kiddies can crack his accounts, I wonder what the rest of their security is like?

    You could probably break into the White House if you know which rock they hide the front door key under.

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