back to article Z30: The classiest BlackBerry mobe ever ... and possibly the last

It can't be very helpful for a manufacturer to launch a new phone amid speculation that the device could be its last. With $1bn written off on its little-loved predecessor the Z10, and the future of BlackBerry so uncertain, the new Z30 has been given a very low-key launch. And yet it turns out to be a very attractive phone …


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  1. Ketlan

    Here we go again...

    'The most powerful, classiest BlackBerry ever - and it's aimed at grown ups

    Price: From $600 unlocked RRP'

    It's aimed at RICH grown-ups. I don't know anyone who would spend that kind of money on a mobile and if I did, I'd have to say they were fucking lunatics.

    1. wolfetone Silver badge

      Re: Here we go again...

      "It's aimed at RICH grown-ups. I don't know anyone who would spend that kind of money on a mobile and if I did, I'd have to say they were fucking lunatics."

      So is the iPhone 5S but I don't see you moaning about that? *cough*fanboi*cough*

      There was a saying regarding Saab years ago. It's only until you crash the car that you realise why you spent so much on it. It's the same with BlackBerry. Until you use one properly as your day to day phone you then realise that it's a quality phone and quite possibly the best handset on the market. The App Store lets it down, but the lack of Netflix and Instagram don't bother me because I'd rather watch a film on a proper TV, and I'm not a camera whore.

      The only thing that pisses me off about this is that I bought the Z10 a few months ago. If I knew there was a bigger phone coming out I'd have waited for the Z30. But the Z10, to me, is the best phone I've ever used. No regrets here.

      1. Stuart Castle Silver badge

        Re: Here we go again...

        "The only thing that pisses me off about this is that I bought the Z10 a few months ago. If I knew there was a bigger phone coming out I'd have waited for the Z30. But the Z10, to me, is the best phone I've ever used. No regrets here."

        That's the thing with any modern technology. There is *always* something bigger/better/more powerful just around the corner. If you wait for the next big thing, you could end up waiting forever.

      2. Keith Langmead

        Re: Here we go again...

        "It's aimed at RICH grown-ups. I don't know anyone who would spend that kind of money on a mobile and if I did, I'd have to say they were fucking lunatics."

        Hardly, I'd say for what it does it's a bargain! Considering my last three phones were an XDA Exec, Nokia E90 and Nokia E7, all of which cost around the £600 unlocked, getting this for £475 when it's only just come out is hardly a wrench.

        I've had mine for about a week now and absolutely love it. As someone who's always had a full physical keyboard that takes a little getting used to, but the soft keyboard is superb and it's improving as it learns how to write. The way everything fits together seamlessly is great, as is the granularity that you can choose which things alert at what time. Definitely the best phone I've ever owned and the biggest jump in improvements from one phone to another.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Here we go again...

        The iPhone isn't going to vanish in a puff of debt at any moment.

    2. bazza Silver badge

      Re: Here we go again...

      "It's aimed at RICH grown-ups. I don't know anyone who would spend that kind of money on a mobile and if I did, I'd have to say they were fucking lunatics."

      Are you suggesting that people who spend that much on an iPhone or Samsung are lunatics too?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Here we go again...

        Quite. Personally I wouldn't spend $600 on a phone when a mid-range model does more than I need, but to claim you don't know anyone with a high-end Android or iPhone suggests you have a limited circle of acquaintances.

        Anyway, Blackberry is a brand I associate with people who drive cars that cost £ thousands more than a 'good enough' alternative, so what difference a couple of £ hundred to them?

        1. Paul Shirley

          Re: Here we go again...

          AC@11:36:"Anyway, Blackberry is a brand I associate with people who" were given it by their employers and don't need to worry about what it cost, which isn't the headline price thanks to tax deductions and possible bulk purchases!

          I'd also associate it with a lot of people that hate their phone. Couldn't possibly say whether my admittedly limited exposure to BB owners reflects the whole population and I know absolutely no youngsters with one but 2/3rds of the adult owners I do know hate theirs. The other 1/3 don't love it though ;)

    3. Canopus

      Re: Here we go again...

      Of course it's aimed at rich ?

      It's a very juicy market, the same one apple has been milking for years...

    4. FanMan


      My iPhone 5 cost a lot more than that and I'm perfectly sane.

    5. LarsG

      Re: Here we go again...

      Tooooooo Late to make a difference.

    6. Jacksonville

      Re: Here we go again...

      *backs away slowly*

    7. Def Silver badge

      Re: Here we go again...

      If it really was as cheap as $600 in Norway it'd sell by the bucket load. As it happens though, $600 is cheap for a phone over here. I just bought my girlfriend a Lumia 1020 for a little over $1000. I could have saved a couple of hundred dollars by ordering online, but she would have been off travelling again by the time it arrived.

      It was a small price to pay to not have to hear her complain about her old phone ever again. :)

    8. This post has been deleted by its author

    9. Blane Bramble

      Re: Here we go again...

      @Ketlan - that's about the same as any similar specced phone if you buy it off-contract, so unless you consider all smart phones to be only for "RICH grown-ups" then your outburst is odd.

    10. James 51

      Re: Here we go again...

      On it's £470. The Note 3 is £516. The iphone 5S is £647 for the 16gb model. It is expensive but there is obviously a market for big, high quality phones.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Here we go again...

        Apple's support is the best, you get a good 2 years of updates and an take it to a shop.

        For some people that is worth every dollar. Buy cheap buy twice has always been a motto I've agreed with largely.

        Of course I'm no longer an Apple phone owner since I got bored with the OS. But then I've never had a problem with a phone.

    11. Richard_L

      Re: Here we go again...

      You might be too young to remember them but did you ever hear of a company called Apple? They tried launching an expensive new mobile telephone called an iPhone 5S. What a disaster! In fact, it was one of the biggest mistakes in American corporate history. Apple stubbornly priced it far too high and at between $649 and $849 they just could not shift any of them. Millions of phones sat unsold in warehouses across the globe and the word "Apple" became synonymous with failure. It was a fatal blow for the company. Their share price crashed by 99% when the first sales figures were released for the model and the company was declared bankrupt soon after. Shareholders lost everything and all employees were laid off. The disastrous launch of the iPhone 5S is still taught as a case study in business schools to this day.

    12. Nef

      Re: Here we go again...

      So you don't know anyone with an iPhone?

    13. Big_Ted

      Re: Here we go again...

      So you know no-one who has an iPhone ? (they spend that directly or as part of a 2 year contract)

      Wow you are unique. Oh and loads spend that on the latest Samsung or HTC One etc....

    14. Longrod_von_Hugendong

      Re: Here we go again...

      WTF - let me send you a message under your rock there, yes people do have that money and we buy iPhones.

      hence the problem with BB at the moment.

      Some times i think the telegraph is right after reading comments in this place.

      (We really need a facepalm icon)

      1. Big_Ted

        Re: Here we go again...

        We have a facepalm icon.....

        1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

          Re: Here we go again...

          One troll well and truly fed, I am afraid

      2. PaulR79
        Thumb Down

        @Longrod_von_Hugendong Re: Here we go again...

        You mean like this one? Seems appropriate as well that I use it now.

    15. David Dawson

      Re: Here we go again...

      iphones cost that much for a new 5s. (£549 in the apple shop)

      Top end androids cost around this, or more.

  2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    not enough

    Sort of reminds me of the HP Pre3, a bunch of folks said similar things about that phone (which I use daily) when it finally got into the hands of users even though it was canceled. They said *this* was the phone that should of been the launched a long time ago - not the Veer, maybe not even the Pre2 etc etc..

    I was always *absolutely* convinced the Pre3 wouldn't make a dent in anything especially having a launch date so close to an Apple product, the idea was suicide really(turned out to be literally I suppose). WebOS needed a ton more work. I did feel that at the time(before the axe fell) that Pre3 would just be another step in the journey.

    BBOS sounds like it works alright, just missing the good selection of native apps. I don't know BB like I know WebOS - but I suppose it's not hard to guess the Z30 isn't going to change BB's fate.

    I'd be pretty happy with just a good web browser, photo viewer, and video player along with basic messaging and phone calls. Unfortunately even the Pre3 is faltering for me in most of those categories these days.

    Hoping a 64G Note 3 comes out and that turns out to be a good device for me, never really used Android (or IOS) before - but I do like the idea of having a lot of knobs and buttons to use to customize, one of the things a lot of users seem to hate about Android.

    I thought about Windows Phone, and BB as possible platforms but I think my use of Linux as my desktop means Android is likely going to be the best bet. I don't see a future for Ubuntu phone or firefoxOS either (Canonical+Mozilla have been consistently pissing off their user bases for the past couple years at least, can't imagine them any more successful in mobile).

    1. thomanski

      Re: not enough

      > Canonical+Mozilla have been consistently pissing off their user bases for the past couple years at least

      Canonical I have to agree. What has Mozilla done though?

      1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

        Re: What has Mozilla done though?

        Not fixing the default-to-US-letter paper bug for over a decade perhaps:

        Because the 90% of the world that is not the USA is not important to them?

        1. thomanski

          Re: What has Mozilla done though?

          > Not fixing the default-to-US-letter paper bug for over a decade perhaps

          Hmm. Not being a Letter man myself I can sort of understand this being an annoyance but it seems like a tiny issue in the grand scheme.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: What has Mozilla done though?

            It's symptomatic of the mindset of Mozilla.

            Printer manufacturers like US Letter because it is shorter than A4 and so the theoretical pages per minute and toner yield come out higher. But browser makers really should know that most of the world uses ISO sizes; after all, they are supposed to be standards compliant.

          2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

            Re: @thomanski

            It is not a "tiny issue in the grand scheme" if you have to support users who find printing broken after each update, and it is symptomatic of an organisation that, because it is not on their patch, don't care.

            But what is most irritating is not them getting the paper size wrong on fresh install, but that each update REVERTS MY BLOODY CHOICE! That is an MS-level of arrogance, to reset my settings without asking me, and for that they deserve a serious bollocking.

            1. thomanski

              Re: @Paul Crawford

              Well, for what it's worth I've gone to the trouble of adding my votes to both the Ubuntu and upstream bug trackers.

              > and it is symptomatic of an organisation that, because it is not on their patch, don't care.

              Personally I think Mozilla are a well-meaning org taking on a number of good projects and overall doing a pretty good job while of course having more on their plate than they can do and having to prioritise.

              Yes, it looks like they're continuing to fail on this but it is if I'm not mistaken a Linux only issue, it relates to printing which I think large numbers of users do not do from the browser beyond a boarding card PDF. I've never even noticed this myself (ok, mainly because I rarely print), so perhaps that's why it's not as much of a biggy for the vast majority of users and Mozilla as it is for you and some others.


              Shouldn't adding this to user.js work, even across version updates since it's in the profile?

              // Change default paper size from US-Letter to A4:

              user_pref("print.postscript.paper_size", "A4");

      2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

        Re: not enough

        mainly the freakishly frequent release cycles that seem to constantly break things in an effort perhaps to stem losses to Chrome. I've never used Chrome for more than a few mins myself, but have seen tons of comments from users that have switched back and forth and the impression I get is if the users want something released often they go to Chrome(instead of wanting firefox to be more like Chrome - I haven't really seen anyone make the comment that they want Firefox more like Chrome -- they just go use Chrome), there's another set of users who just want something stable.

        There is the firefox extended release thing, but apparently that has it's own flaws (which I read up on why Ubuntu does not use Firefox ER).

        I suppose I could switch to something like Opera, not sure how often they break stuff, though been so used to the firefox plugins and how things work it would be a difficult switch. My Ubuntu 10.04 LTS systems are currently entombed on Firefox 20.0, I don't see that changing any time soon, I've taken reasonable steps to mitigate security risks. Before Ubuntu 10.04 LTS desktop edition went end of support the firefox updates were coming quite frequently and breaking things on a regular basis. There are still some things that are broken in firefox 20 but at least I don't feel concerned about new things breaking.

        1. thomanski

          Re: not enough

          I see. Works fine for me though.

          I use Firefox mostly on Windows (at work) and on Debian Wheezy, the latter as a FF backport since it's just a tad too ancient on stable, and I haven't really encountered any issues.

          Well, to be perfectly honest I frequently have issues with Java (which I need to remote into work, don't ask, and so have to en/disable all the time) and Flash but then I've never blamed Firefox for those since it's not really better in Chromium or Opera, which I occasionally use as well.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BIS Bull

    Now only if BB gets rid of the BIS induced delay in email (15 mins) and makes it open (maybe even for a small unlock fee), I will happily punt my iPhone to wife and buy this beauty.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: BIS Bull

      The BBOS 10 phones no longer connect via BIS...

      1. Zacherynuk

        Re: BIS Bull

        You still have to have a BES10 if you want SMIME though. Which is just plain shitty of them.

  4. Tommy Pock

    Such a shame it's probably the last

    I would have probably bought a Q30

  5. Confuciousmobil

    To late

    If they had released this a year ago it probably would have saved Blackberry.

    As for complaining about a $600 price tag - what price do you think high end smartphones go for? I wish my iPhone was that cheap.

  6. Mike Brown

    software is great

    i played with the q5 and apart from the rather cheapy biuld, and the ludicrous pricxe i really liked it. But knew at that point, that i and quite probably noone else would ever buy one.

    BB were about 3 or 4 years too late.

  7. lhlrew

    Outrageous Smartphone prices

    With a Bill of Materials of around $200, to charge purchasers $600 is an abuse, doubtless BB is following Apple's greedy ways.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Outrageous Smartphone prices


      Here's an article on the iPhone BOM

      They are making large profit from these devices.

      As it stands, I have an older BB phone which does the phone part and e-mail very well. It is also very cheap phone so not that bothered about the rest of features - I do have a Chinese Android 4.2.2 tablet which does those other things very well and is a nice 10" screen.

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why the downvotes?

    BB is trying to become a niche "enterprise" phone, but in these hard times enterprises will have a very hard time justifying paying so much more for this device vs. the equivalent Android handset. Or, god forbid, an iPhone. Both are now much closer in terms of features than four years ago, and when you add up the cost of the required BES upgrade (or you abandon any illusions of privacy and let someone else handle it), you'll need a lot of "enterpriseness" to justify the price difference.

    The Z30 is perhaps what BB should have launched three or four years ago if they wanted to stay relevant in the smartphone market. Yes, "smartphone market" without segmentation, not "business smartphone", "consumer smartphone", "security agency smartphone" or "White House smartphone" segments. This segmentation trick started at GE's when Jack Welch decided to kill any product that was not on the top three of its market segment. Suddenly, all of GE's product portfolio became top tier just by refining the definition of the "segment" where it was competing.

    The device itself can apparently compete very well with Android on its own terms, yet it costs two or three times as much? Surely there are business out there that can't live without the "enterpriseness", but how many? Where the comment about price is wrong?

  10. SiempreTuna

    .. and all they need to do to sell boat loads is produce an Android version ..

    It's completely incomprehensible - and utterly deplorable, if you're unfortunate enough to be a shareholder - that the Canucks didn't do that 4 years ago. And at this point, really: what have they got to lose?

    1. Davidoff

      and all they need to do to sell boat loads is produce an Android version

      Right, because that works so well for HTC, does it?

      I'm not sure that the world needs another 'me too' Android vendor.

      And considering the abysmal state of affairs regarding security in Android, it's probably not a platform that BB wants to sell to it's (mostly security conscious( customers.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    secure mobile with enormous capability

    With Miracast and USB access to peripherals from the Secure WorkSpace and

    BES encryption, better radio and antenna, this beauty looks to me like the perfect candidate for personal computing, desktop alternative, and flexible in vehicle IT. Best horse for the course. Bar none.

    We all have details we'd rather not see read as plain text. I'm hopeful this is the start of a comeback.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re Android compatibility

    It's worth noting that not all Android apps will work on this, since although Android is Open Source, Google put incentives in place for 3rd party Android developers to use closed APIs in the Google Play Services client library. This is a strategy by Google to prevent the forking of Android. If an OEM ships a device running a forked version of Android, Google withhold Play Services from them, as we saw with Acer when they were thinking of making a device running an Alibaba Android fork.

    This situation is probably why Samsung phones come with several Samsung apps that appear to duplicate the function of Goggle's android apps (in areas such as voice, translation, app store, email, and calendar etc.) - it's a testing of a 'Plan B' should Samsung feel the need to fork in future.

  13. Simon Rockman

    How can it be the best Blackberry ever..

    When it doesn't have a keyboard.

    The real star in the current line-up is the Q5.

  14. Afflicted.John

    It is good

    Self confessed Android fanboi that I am...I just bloody love the Z30. The first phone in a long time (if ever) that I look forward to using. Android seems to be slowly deconstructing itself through ever increasing and sometimes daft features (Samsung is to blame) while the Z30 just does the stuff really, really well.

    I cannot heap enough praise on the thing and only complain slightly due to its weight. But that is a mild tradeoff...

  15. Nick

    It's a shame more people don't give BB10 a second look

    Recent phone history: Nokia N8 (great but SIM slot broke), E61 (keyboard bugs drove me mad), Galaxy S3 (too many hangs/reboots during important calls) and now Z10.

    BB10 made no impression when I started using it, but now going back to anything else makes the back/home/app screen paradigm seem very old indeed.

    Wife's Nokia 1020 is promising, but OS hasn't had the constant stream of (useful) updates that we've had on BB10.

    Installing a beta is as easy as downloading the .exe (if you're a windows user). Then, when the release version overtakes your beta, it'll just ask you if you want to upgrade to it... eat that Android hackers. Finally, as far as I can tell, it's unbrickable, perhaps a legacy of supporting non-technical corporates for so long?

    Totally agree with the author's comment about getting the bloody cursor to the beginning of the line though, but a single left swipe will erase a whole word. I use that for now.

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: It's a shame more people don't give BB10 a second look

      >Finally, as far as I can tell, it's unbrickable, perhaps a legacy of supporting non-technical corporates for so long?

      Being based on QNX - a Real Time OS with a long history of being used where reliability is paramount, such as industrial machine control - probably has something to do with it.

  16. TaabuTheCat

    Gone without carrier support

    We were a big BB shop and have gradually moved everyone over to BYOB this year. Can't say I miss supporting all the BB users but for the most part the devices just worked and we were confident in the security they provided.

    I still haven't given up completely on BB but I'm close. The real killer for us has been lack of carrier (Verizon) support for upgrades. We tested the Z10 when it came, then the Q - both decent devices that desperately needed updates to get better. Nothing from Verizon, and I fear the same for the Z30. No carrier support = no BB for us.

    1. AV8

      Re: Gone without carrier support

      Yeah it's bad that US carriers seem to take longest or be last in getting updates out. If only it was like how Apple controls the updates through iTunes and everyone gets it.

      Hmmm.... the new BB10 phones determine when an update is available by the sim card you are using (provided the phone is unlocked). If you can't wait for an update from Verizon, anyone have a Canadian sim like Virgin Wireless or Fido ? I'm with a provider in another region that doesn't see updates a quickly, so I use a deactivated sim from Canada which enables the phone to receive updates from that provider.

  17. Mamileon

    Been using a z30 for a week - suprisingly good

    I hated my old Blackberry Bold. Slow, couldn't open a webpage without crashing. I hated it so much I was thinking about buying my own iPhone and using Good for Enterprise for work email.

    We're doing a trial at work so I have one of a handful of Z30's as a test handset. The screen is great, the battery life is around 2 and half days, the predictive text is brilliant. I don't miss a keyboard at all as the on screen predictive text is a lot faster and seems to learn well. The Blackberry balance is good, locking away work stuff when you don't want it and it means I can have more control over a work phone instead of it being totally locked down.

    The hub is great, brings everything together nicely where as on the iPhone this spread across GFE, texts, emails, messaging... Of course it hasn't got same selection of apps like such as an Android or iPhone but I would mostly just use a browser and email on it anyway and there it excels.

  18. TonyJ Silver badge

    Too little, too late.

    I used to have BB handsets. First through work and then my own.

    I bought the wife an original iPhone and she hated it - the things it couldn't do outweighed, for her (then), the things it could and the BB platform blew it out of the water. But when things like being able to trivially connect to an Exchange solution and apps were introduced for free, the rot started to set in for BB.

    Their ((BB) handsets started to drop tremondously in quality whilst their prices remained high. Their lack of simple support for push mail or sync calendars unless you had an Enterprise class backend infrastructure, were the beginning of nails in the BB coffin.

    Yes they were inherently more secure than other handsets available at the time but things like apps and usability of droid and iphone were even more of those nails in the coffin.

    I don't know if they particularly are any more (as in I genuinely don't know). but I can remotely wipe my devices using various tools from free to paid for, for example, and my solutions are built to be secure from the outset but they may still have layers not available elsewhere.

    Anyway, I guess my salient points are that they rested on their laurels for far too long, churning out the same old stuff on hardware that was looking ever more dated whilst the world, it's dog and other manufacturers got on with trying to produce stuff that people might actually both want and use.

    Of course there's a contrary argument there now that would go along the lines of said manufacturers have stopped that and are now getting on with trying to sue the f*ck out each other while world + dog looks on bemused and wonders when we'll see some more innovation again.

  19. Bear Features

    and again...firstly people, especially the media, have been saying BB is about to collapse, for the last 3 years.

    Secondly, why bash bash BB? So you're an Aple Fanboi or an Android Fan... you really want no choice in the market? It HAS to be your brand and your brand only?? That makes sense... not.

    I would be a travesty to see them go. I hope they don't. In addition lets have more and lets enjoy the choice! For our wallets' sake, as well as choice.

  20. Lloyd

    Here's the thing

    Blackberry does what it should do, works well for corporate users, the problem with that is that every single corporate user I've ever encountered wants an iPhone as their company phone. Not because it fulfills all or even some of what they need it for, simply because it's bling. We had a sales department who told us that we needed an iPhone app because our client base was screaming out for a mobile version of our product (on release it was used by 4 people a week out of a base of 250,000). Of course this meant that they would all need an iPhone to show it to potential clients so we migrated everyone off Blackberry to Apple, cue a massive rise in support calls and lots of blame on "well I can't do that on an iPhone when I'm out on the road".

  21. Tim Parker



    "Well, no other device allows huge mailboxes to be instantly searchable."

    I presume you intended that to mean locally stored mailboxes using an installed application ? Even then, i'm not sure that that statement is correct. Much, is suspect, would depend on what you are trying to convey with 'instantly' - clearly that's impossible for any device or application, so what was the intent ?

  22. Bunty Collocks

    I have a Q10 and I love it. It has an excellent feel and solid construction, good call quality, long battery life, good browser and calendar, excellent email and messaging capabilities. The other stuff smart phones have is mostly all fluff, nonsense and iWilly waving.

    I want Blackberry to survive. I don't need them to be the top selling or even the second or third top selling platform, I just want them to be profitable and to keep making handsets. Choice is good, so I chose a phone not a statement of allegiance.

    It was also a great deal - something that's very hard to get at the fashionable end of the market.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    i'M LOST

  24. Unicornpiss

    No more

    I hope that RIM manages to pull this off and these catch on. I'm not really a fanboi of either i-stuff or Android, though I find myself liking Apple less and less having to support and set up Apple devices daily at work. Our company made a sudden transition from BB to get off of the expensive BES licensing and jump on the Apple bandwagon. While Apple's build quality is much better than RIM's used to be, "It just works" is many miles from the truth. We've had SO many problems with email and having to reinstall iOS, and the "two finger salute" on an iPhone has replaced the old BB battery pull. And Apple's on-screen keyboard is just awful, frankly. My Android with "Swype" puts it to shame, and I occasionally like to torture die hard Apple fans with how easy and fast it is to use.

    The problem is, RIM had the market by the horns 4 or so years ago and let the world pass them by. Good luck prying an iPhone out of a fanboi's hands--you'd have more luck convincing a Southern Baptist preacher to convert to Catholicism. (or in the case of switching to Android, Zoroastrianism) And with plentiful Android devices around in varying degrees of quality and price, and now Windows phone, I just don't see RIM managing to recapture enough market to save themselves.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: No more

      Blackberry's problem seems to be not only poor execution of product launches, timing and delusional pricing in a changed market, but also reviewers who cannot seem to say anything positive without tacking on the "OH BUT" negative, such as this article which is fair and very positive, BUT with the added "..might be the last !"

      Perception is a powerful force. And people can make up their minds by just seeing a headline rather than digging further. I've been in companies which collapsed not because they were likely going to, but because created market fear caused people to suddenly and all at once pull out their finances, collapsing the whole organizations. BB did a lot to contribute to their own problems by ignoring customer wants as well, but the press also seems to be giving them a lot of negative help.

  25. Van


    I couldn't take a review seriously that uses 'classiest' or' classy' to describe a telephone.

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