back to article Tenda seals shut router backdoor found by D-Link hole-prober

Chinese networking manufacturer Tenda has issued a fix that seals up a recently discovered backdoor in its wireless router kit. Craig Heffner, the same researcher who uncovered a backdoor in routers from D-Link, uncovered more secret functionality that ships with Tenda's products. Heffner discovered the flaw after unpacking …


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  1. JCitizen

    If they didn't do it intentionally...

    I think many of these manufacturers are selling doped chips in the routers so they can take them over later - and I don't mean for troubleshooting purposes either. I've talked to many who travel the Pacific Rim lab developement sites, and they said they've seen these obviously doped chips themselves on the local microscopes. They tend to get nervous and defensive if you ask why these circuit patterns are being incorporated into the prototypes. Many of them say they were ejected from the facilities after asking too many questions.

    I don't trust any chip made any where but at Texas Instruments myself, and even then I might trust but verify!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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