back to article Intel on Europe: The Internet of Things could SAVE US ALL

How will Europe lift itself out of current and future economic woes - and help save the planet while it’s about it? According to chip giant Intel, with hi-tech carrots rather than government sticks. So said the head of Intel’s European R&D operation, Martin Curley, this week at the chip company’s European Research and …


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  1. itzman

    The ninternet of things will save us..

    Not if the whole national grid shuts down due to incompetent politicians thinking they can do engineering better than engineers.

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Retarded SHITE

    1) Does anybody want it

    2) How is that going to help the current situation of:

    Previously misspent capital standing around quietly rotting due to recent bubbles ;

    Savings being erased hush-hush via European Central Bank money issuance ;

    Enormous debt craters everywhere (governmental and private) and no-one saving ;

    Ideology-based capital misidrection by governments: "free" healthcare, "green" energy, "fast" broadband, subsidies for world & dog (including "cash for clunkers") ;

    State employee numbers at down syndrome levels, and kept there ;

    Tax-and-spend-on-people-near-the-state "austerity" measures propelling crony capitalism ;

    Profligate flinging of capital on various wars useful only to Presidents With Small Dicks ;

    Death of the taxable producer base via overregulation, regime uncertainy and union power?

    Yep, Intel's gonna help keep Marx in the cellar, it will!

    And while I'm on this rant, here is the document I have in front of me right now:

    EUROPE 2020

    Flagship Initiative: "European Platform against Poverty"

    The aim is to ensure economic, social and territorial cohesion, building on the current European year for

    combating poverty and social exclusion so as to raise awareness and recognise the fundamental rights of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion, enabling them to live in dignity and take an active part

    in society. At EU level, the Commission will work:

    To transform the open method of coordination on social exclusion and social protection into a platform

    for cooperation, peer-review and exchange of good practice, and into an instrument to foster

    commitment by public and private players to reduce social exclusion, and take concrete action,

    including through targeted support from the structural funds, notably the ESF;

    – To design and implement programmes to promote social innovation for the most vulnerable, in

    particular by providing innovative education, training, and employment opportunities for deprived

    communities, to fight discrimination (e.g. disabled), and to develop a new agenda for migrants'

    integration to enable them to take full advantage of their potential;

    – To undertake an assessment of the adequacy and sustainability of social protection and pension

    systems, and identify ways to ensure better access to health care systems.

    At national level, Member States will need:

    – To promote shared collective and individual responsibility in combating poverty and social exclusion;

    – To define and implement measures addressing the specific circumstances of groups at particular risk (such as one-parent families, elderly women, minorities, Roma, people with a disability and the


    – To fully deploy their social security and pension systems to ensure adequate income support and access to health care

    WTF? We will do this, we will do that. Magically. Woah. Not a word about how this will be possible or help in building the economy. Not a word on how this BECOMES possible by letting the economy work IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  3. JamesTQuirk

    Hmm, everything with a internet bill, windows and all controlled from a desk somewhere, what a nice planet it will be when large tech companies undermine/privatise government services, so as to promote their own business, large companies are even now try avoiding TAX for their businesses in several countries, they want the money flow one way, into their pockets.

    Of course its ok, as they know what you want, because you told them on twitter/facebook etc, what you like ...

    They can track you from your Phone/Watch/Glasses/Pad/PC so they know where you are .....

    Cant wait for internet controlled drones, with a targeted advertising campaign to come to a park near you ..

    I hope they allow parks ....

    1. frank ly

      What's the annual profit of a typical park?

      1. JamesTQuirk

        Parks Can Profit

        If we build big statues of these Industry Leaders we could turn a profit from Pigeon Pie or Guano Sales I am sure, but I think if we developed a Pigeon food that made them crap more on the statues, THAT would sell well ....

  4. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    My uncle used to run a dairy farm.

    I'm quite familiar with the smell of cow s**t.

    Guess what I'm smelling.

  5. ecofeco Silver badge

    'Cause I want everything hackable

    Yeah, I want the corps to know more about me than they already do and I want critical infrastructure to be hijacked 'cause it's just to damn safe right now.

    I smell the same thing John Smith.

  6. Robert Grant Silver badge

    This is a cool idea

    An internet of things bubble, to push the cloud bubble higher.

    Seriously though, how many modern gadgets are just there to drain our disposable income? In two years' time, will people be obsessing over whether or not to pay a bit extra for a fridge that can send them tweets? I want tech that makes my life cheaper, not more expensive.

    1. JamesTQuirk

      Re: This is a cool idea

      Yeah, cant wait, going thru my ISP usage to find which "thing" around is using all the internet, or working out DATA allowances per "thing" so you can still have some to surf the web ? Not to mention making sure your fridge hasn't got the "eskimio virus", or drowning in sea of RF signals from all the "things" that surround you...

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