back to article Samsung GROVELS ABJECTLY to Chinese state media

Samsung has apologised to China following an investigation by amusingly-named state telly channel CCTV, showing the South Korean firm's deference to the world's biggest market. The problem outlined on the programme appears to affect Samsung models including the Galaxy S3 and Note 2, apparently damaging the storage memory …


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  1. James Micallef Silver badge
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    Good to know that the term "Bricked" seems to translate nicely to Chinese

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bricked

      Bet you won't get that service in the UK.

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  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And region locked?

  4. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Not quite as bad...

    Maybe not quite as bad, but the Samsung Stratosphere I got had a faulty SD card from the factory (actually Samsung branded SD card too.). Thank goodness I don't have the faulty eMMC, I just picked a different card up for like $5 or $10 rather than going back and trying to get a phone exchanged or something over just the memory card. The phone would randomly freeze, and under investigation (using ADB and the PC) I found while writing to the card, sometimes it'd decide to just drop off the bus instead. Firmware bug or bad piece of flash? I don't know.

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Now tell me

    Just who is it that is not "bending like a willow" to do business in China ?

    That potential billion-customer market is like a slab of beef just beyond reach of a starving dog. There is no company in the world employing MBA suits on its board that is not going to bend over on cue.

    Right now, those MBAs are probably feverishly looking for ways to bend over even further.

    1. Ed_UK

      Re: Now tell me

      "Right now, those MBAs are probably feverishly looking for ways to bend over even further."

      Yup, right up to the point where their own jobs get outsourced to China. Then, it's not quite so funny.

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