back to article EMC accuses Pure Storage of 'raiding' its people, IP

EMC has accused flashy startup Pure Storage and “numerous former EMC employees” of conducting a “campaign” “to compete unfairly with EMC by, among other things, misappropriating EMC’s Confidential Information and Property, unlawfully soliciting EMC’s customers and raiding EMC of its valuable employees, all in an effort to …


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  1. Redmond_1


    Dear EMC Reps that read this...(I know you all do)

    Your company just admitted the following in the legal docs they filed (click on the pdf link in the article):

    "Since last year, not fewer than 30 high-performing employees have departed EMC under suspicious circumstances to join Pure Storage."

    So thirty quality people went there...huh...yeah they are probably all idiots. Absolutely nothing there...Go back to work

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There is no such thing as an 'unfair campaign'. If people are happy and well paid you wont have a problem. If someone else wants to sacrifice their profits to poach them then that's all fair in my mind. These 'suspicious circumstances' are nothing but that.

    It's not just EMC that Pure have poached from - Netapp is also feeling a bit of pain (recent reg story about Vaughn Stewart).

    This article revolves around one factor - a dumb rep used EMC's own cloud storage tool to get files out of the company and then 'failed to return them'. Being brutally honest a lot of people copy their files before they quit.........they're just a bit smarter about it.

  3. TkH11

    EMC need to pay better then in order to retain its staff! But there is a serious question of the taking of confidential data belonging to EMC by these employees when they move to the competitor. Taking lists of clients to a competitor IS unlawful. It might even be criminal. If EMC can prove that, then they've got a valid claim. But as for trying to stop their staff being poached? Dream on EMC, dream on, you can't stop that.

  4. TkH11

    Wild allegations "suspicious circumstances...for 30 people"..and what suspicious circumstances are those then? The employees being offered a much better remuneration package? !!

    Suspicious, in that you didn't want them or expect them to leave? It's the individual's free choice.

    In my employer, many people in the last year have gone to the competition, Cisco, but alas, my employer couldn't care wants people to leave because it's making redundancies!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Who cares EMC, people change jobs every day. Be a better employer and people won't leave. I'd find it hard working for a company who is only know for innovation via acquisition

  5. M. B.

    I can't see how...

    ...people quitting to join an up-and-comer is "suspicious" in any way. Pure has tapped into the EMC resource pool and is likely making very attractive offers in their quest to push their platform to the next level. No big deal. The only reason it's suspicious is likely because these people are intimately familiar with EMC operations and possibly engineering as well, but you can't really "unlearn" anything. Some of those staff might see an opportunity to evolve the Flash Array product into what they envisioned for, say, VMAX, but can't/won't materialize for one reason or another. This is their clean slate. That's exciting stuff for established engineers.

    There is a HUGE problem with EMCers taking EMC-confidential information with them on their way out the door, however. Not only is that almost definitely sue-into-the-ground worthy but some of that could be, oh I dunno, MY personal data. Yeah, I have a problem with that.

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