back to article Exagrid... heave: Storage troops push out range-topping dedupe box

There is a new range-topper for Exagrid's deduplicating backup to disk arrays, the EX21000E. Backup data keeps on growing so backup to disk systems have to grow their capacity and speed so as to able to deal with the amount of backup data in the time window available. Exagrid arrays can be pooled in a grid of 10 machines with …


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  1. KidGrid

    EX7000 Capacity Question

    Chris, great review - thanks. The EX7000 is 16TB Raw and 13TB Usable. For a very straighforward Product Line we do make the EX7000 a little tricky compared to the other 8 Servers in the Appliance Family. The 13TB Usable is actually carved out by default to provide a 6.5TB Usable Landing Zone and a 6.5TB Usable Repository. This should hopefully clear up your question for us regarding the EX7000 Model (16 x 6.5 = 104TB).


    Mike Fisher, Territory Manager - Florida and Caribbean Islands

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