back to article Adobe hackers strike again: PR Newswire grovels to clients after latest hack'n'grab

PR Newswire has been forced to reset its clients' passwords following a security breach linked to the same hackers who smashed into Adobe earlier this month. The hackers made off with the usernames and encrypted passwords of the marketing and press release distribution service's customers, reports investigative journalist …


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  1. Amorous Cowherder

    Why I won't upgrade my PS to CC.

    And this is why we'd rather have boxed editions of your software because this is the second time you muppets with your "cloudy-distribution, software-service delivery, monthly payment" crap have proved that you simply cannot be trusted with our details and more importantly with our credit/debit card details!

  2. tony2heads

    Adobe Fail

    hardly newsworthy anymore

  3. Roo

    "The hackers behind the breach almost certainly lack the necessary skillset:"

    That is a pretty bold statement, would you bet your life on that one ?

  4. Mike Flugennock

    D'ahh, crap...

    "...If the passwords were cracked, perhaps by using rainbow tables to look for leaked hashes that corresponded with weak passwords, it might have been possible to upload false earning warnings or similar fake news in order to manipulate stock prices and profit from the resulting confusion.

    Thankfully, there is no evidence that anything like this has happened..."

    D'ahhh, crap.

  5. John G Imrie


    Why not a Public/Private key pair for authentication. That way if the database is hacked it's still useless.

  6. codeusirae

    ColdFusion Security Advisory.

    "ColdFusion customers who have restricted public access to the CFIDE/administrator, CFIDE/adminapi and CFIDE/gettingstarted* directories .. are already mitigated against this issue."

  7. Jin

    sticky fingerprints left onserver

    Where can we read more about "Sticky fingerprints left on server used for Adobe code slurp"?

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

  9. Hans 1

    Why would one want Adobe source code ? Probably because it is THE BEST collection of worst coding practices.

  10. RealityCheck4U

    Hack attack

    I found two credit cards with foreign charges for a dollar- One in GB and the other in France.. They're on the euro and flagged immediately for attempting to put a debit charge on a credit card.

    It's a pain to close and get a new card

    I'm male and the perps are claiming to be a ladies garment shop with the name 12345.. Now tht's origional?

    Even the charges are as lame as the attack..

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