back to article AMD avoids a red-ink-stained quarter for once, market says 'meh'

Perennial chip challenger Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has posted a profit for the third quarter of 2013, a turnaround that has failed to excite investors. The good news is that AMD hauled $US1.46bn through the door during the quarter, which means it was in the black by $95m, or 0.06 per share, according to generally-accepted …


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  1. TrixyB

    Anything to do with Bitcoin mining?

    It could be that a lot of AMD kit was purchased to mine bitcoin before ASICS started shipping.

    Performance of the 7970s are quite awesome! Gave up with mining a long time ago but kept 2 for crossfire gaming and dont need to turn the heating on upstairs anymore!

  2. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    Not surprised

    Looking at my shopping invoices for the last Q I have contributed to these results. What they ship now for desktop is so much better than Intel that it is not even funny. The APU have come of age and is no longer the cheap runt trying to make onboard el-cheapo GPU perform slightly better. Their mobile and small system CPUs are good too. So the results are not particularly surprising.

  3. totaam

    AMD is competitive at a lower price point, which is where we're heading

    Intel rules the high performance chips ($200 and up), but AMD does offer very good bang for the buck below $200.

    I suspect that as computing component prices continue to fall inexorably, it will become harder and harder to justify spending more than $200 on a CPU, especially as most people don't really need all that CPU power right now anyway (and they will get it for that price a year later).

  4. knarf

    Don't you mean Xbox Ones

    PS4s and XBOX 360s being assembled ready for arrival in stores for pre-Christmas.

    Sure its XBox Ones getting stock piled rather than 360s.

    1. Frumious Bandersnatch

      Re: Don't you mean Xbox Ones

      Sure its XBox Ones getting stock piled rather than 360s.

      Shhh! By ruining the surprise, you're ruining half the fun of Christmas!

  5. Wallyb132

    I really hope AMD continues to turn things around. Rory Reid seems to be doing a good job turning AMD around, and I'm glad to see it.

    Like Voland's right hand said, their kit is really starting to come of age, and we're really starting to see the returns from their $5.6bn investment in the purchase of ATI.

    The forward thinking seeds planted by Hector Ruiz and followed on by Dirk Meyers is starting to come to fruition. I truly hope calmer seas and favorable winds lie ahead for AMD. I've always been a huge fan (and supporter), tried and true, of the little green machine.

    Maybe with a little luck they can even produce a few design wins like those from the days of the Athlon and AMD64 that brought them out of obscurity and propelled them into the mainstream.

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