back to article How mystery DDoSers tried to take down Bitcoin exchange with 100Gbps crapflood

Web security firm Incapsula helped a Chinese Bitcoin trader to weather a ferocious denial-of-service attack last month when the volume of inbound traffic to the site peaked at 100Gbps. The attack against BTC China, a platform where both Bitcoin and Chinese yuan are traded, lasted nine hours and is one of the fiercest on record …


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  1. d3rrial


    The more often the system is attacked, the more resistant it gets. I'm not talking about server infrastructure here, I am talking about Bitcoin and its exchange rate. The last big DDoS crashed it massively, but the more often the DDoS attacks keep coming, the less people care. It's just publicity and may actually have the opposite result than what was planned...

  2. iceCUBED
    Thumb Up

    great job

    excellent news. great job keeping your exchange safe and your customers happy.

  3. Robert Helpmann??

    Like a House on Fire

    Another common tactic is to stage a DoS attack as a diversion while the attackers do something else, hoping to avoid detection while the more noticeable event is ongoing.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'd love to use something like Encapsula..

    .. but the problem is that it basically means a 3rd party sees all your web traffic.

    So, I'm looking for one that is NOT US based..

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