back to article PernixData shows off write-caching, clustering one-trick FVP pony

Virtualising server-side flash biz PernixData's CEO says its FVP VMware hypervisor flash caching software is better than VMware's own flash read cache because it has write caching and clustering, two things that VMware's gear lacks. VMware's Flash Read Cache was announced in August as virtual storage that uses server direct- …


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  1. TreeDude

    Considering vSAN has R/W caching and clustering, I can't imagine it being more than a version or 2 out from being implemented.

  2. mtuber

    All these dedupe/compression, "I/O optimization" outfits are on the clock as I can't fathom vmware doesn't incorporate these techniques into vsphere in the next couple of releases. There are just too many of them already.

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