back to article How were your hols, cluster kids? Oh, partied, studied... did we mention WE BUILT DRONES

Among the five teams who will be defending America’s Big Iron honour at the upcoming Student Cluster Competition (SCC) are a few students who skipped the keg parties to, er, build, fly, program and optimise the performance of unmanned aerial vehicles. These students will do battle, beginning on 18 November at the SC13 …


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  1. a well wisher

    Why stop there..

    "They aren’t defending just the United States, but both of the Americas,"

    They could call it the "World Series" and be done it

    1. danolds

      Re: Why stop there..

      Good idea, but that would have reduced the hyperbole in my sentence by perhaps as much as 37%. My goal is to provide all the information about the competition, but with as much hyperbole as I can possibly pack in. All of this at NO additional charge to you, the reader.

  2. M Gale

    26 amps?

    At how many volts?

    Only that's a buggerload of power if you ramp the voltage up. You sure they didn't have a wattage limit too?

    <- Mine's the one with the first year EE textbook in the pocket.

    1. danolds

      Re: 26 amps?

      Ahhh...damn it, I should have mentioned the voltage! We're talking 26 amps at standard US power of 110 volts. They have two 13 amp circuits they can draw from. Sorry for omitting that key fact and thanks for pointing it out to me.

      1. Aremmes

        Re: 26 amps?

        Ouch. It's hard to go past a single rack with just two 15-amp circuits (per the standard NEMA 5-15 mains outlet rating). Data centers here usually go for dual 30-amp circuits, sometimes at 120V (with L5-30 outlets), or preferably 240V (L6-30) to reduce power losses.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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