back to article Mellanox targets Fibre Channel with 56 Gbps FDR InfiniBand

Mellanox is confidently predicting the slow death of Fibre Channel, as it rips the wrapping paper off a 56 Gbps FDR InfiniBand solution it says offers ten times faster live migration of Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machines. Marketing VP Kevin Deierling believes the march of RDMA-enabled Ethernet and InfiniBand systems, …


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  1. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

    interesting, but ...

    ... no word about latencies of the new kit?

    1. Dave Hilling

      Re: interesting, but ...

      Infiniband already has extremely low latency so it will still be much better than fiber channel. Course we are expanding our fiber channel kit not reducing it here. Talked about doing infiniband just never given time to really look into it.

      1. JLH

        Re: interesting, but ...

        As Dave says, Infiniband already has low latency.

        I wouldn;t know the exact figures for these particular Mellanox cards.

        Also interesting is that you can extend Infiniband links over campus and 'metro' distances using fibre cables with active cables. Look up 'Luxtera'

  2. Nate Amsden


    Seems they are targeting a different market? Who uses fibre channel to move a VM from one host to another? That isn't really the job of the storage fabric.

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