back to article Reselling mutant cloud parts from IBM? There's now an app for that

IBM is pitching new software and server gear for use in public, private and public-private hybrid cloud computing environments. The tech titan has announced PureSystem updates plus stuff about Power, System x and technical computing. Big Blue thinks mutant clouds will pick up in popularity; it quotes Gartner as saying that " …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    SMARTR IT Solutions engaging Virtual Means and Alien Memes and Advanced IntelAIgent Steganography

    Lastly IBM's Global Financing biz will help you buy any of the systems above. Customers "can obtain 0 per cent financing when they acquire IBM PureFlex Systems, Power Systems, Storage Systems, and System x technology or migrate their IBM i solutions to the latest technology platform".

    The company says its IBM Business Partners can, using a new mobile financing application, get the financing in minutes and so close business faster. You can imagine a prospective customer saying: "There could be a financing problem", and the reseller answering: "Not any more there isn't."

    Now there's an engaging novelty which if played well, precludes the need to phish for what is to be feed and seed and from fat cat customers and/or thin exclusive clients, for ideally from that which knows what IT needs to be doing, is IT already perfectly phormed well enough to be intelligently second and third party supplied .... in order, of course, to anonymously and autonomously protect and server immaculate source.

    And that is not the entrée, it is only the fabless hors d'oeuvre.

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