back to article Spies launch hack attacks on Mongolia... to see who its friends are – report

Cyber-spies are targeting Mongolian businesses and government agencies to keep the attackers "aware" of the land-locked country's relationships with "Western influences" like the US and the European Union, according to a recent report. Cyber Squared’s ThreatConnect Intelligence Research Team (TCIRT) blames a "state-sponsored" …


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  1. Justin Stringfellow

    > Booby-trapped documents associated with the attack include an announcement for a joint US-Mongolia military exercise called Khaan Quest 2014.




  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This Cannot Be Right

    I mean this cannot be right that lovely Guardian have not made a big song and dance about communication tampering by,... ugh wait a minute by the Chinese?

    Oh that's all right then no need for the Guardian to worry us all about the end of civilisation as they would like things to be.

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