back to article Excessive wind bothers solar racers' rear ends

Team Nuon crossed the finish line to claim the 2013 World Solar Challenge - but plenty of other teams are still out there. And yesterday they endured a brutal day of driving in horrid weather. Wednesday's baking 42°C temperatures halved, but the wind swung around to buffet the cars from the front and sides. For an indication …


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  1. disgruntled yank

    measure for measure

    You quote the distance in km, the temperatures in centigrade, and the wind speeds in knots? As a primitive American used to miles and Fahrenheit, I'm glad to see the old units hanging on somewhere.

  2. Snafu1

    The Saharan desert expanded rapidly due to the introduction of goats a few thousand years ago, IIRC: they ate pretty much all the vegetation at the fringes, resulting in nothing strong enough to hold the dust/sand down long enough to fix it in place. This eventually resulted in a self-perpetuating expanding cycle of desertification

    What happened with the Aus version? Rabbits were introduced too late shirley, and the water table's high enough to support scrub..

    1. Martin Budden Silver badge

      Low rainfall. This has been the case since before colonial times: do a search for Goyder's Line.

  3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    Woomera, about 15km north west of where the video below was shot

    ...and, as geek journos, you didn't make a detour to the see the rocketry?

    Good job Lester's not there.

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