back to article Shadowy drug fans threaten FBI agents, vow to 'avenge' Silk Road shutdown

Dark web hoodlums linked to the underground drugs bazaar Silk Road are preparing to launch revenge attacks on the FBI agents involved in the shutdown of the site. Using hidden forums which are only accessible using Tor, the individuals have been sharing the names and addresses of key figures in the Silk Road bust. Although …


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  1. Mondo the Magnificent

    Seriously now....

    ..are these guys on drugs or something?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Re: Seriously now....

      ...... it seems not. That may be the problem?

    2. LarsG

      Re: Seriously now....

      Oooooh, the FBI bods will be quaking in their shoes.....

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Seriously now....

      Evidently not on very good ones.

      Here are some low-grade drug pushers armed with keyboards, a false sense of anonymity and utter delusions of invincibility. One of them has a .22 caliber single shot rifle. Maybe.

      They are threatening the FBI.

      That idea makes "Hey, lets go bomb Pearl Harbor!" sound like absolute genius.

      This will be fun to watch. It will give the expression "screwed, blued and tattooed" new depth and meaning. We ought to sell seats to view the spectacle, unfortunately, it sounds like the show will be a very short one.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dead drug purveyors walking

    They have no idea how much pain they are in for.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. Great Bu

      Re: Dead drug purveyors walking

      SilkRoadWarrior - "Fear me FBI bastards, we know where you live ! "

      FBI Bastards - "We pretty much know where you live too, and we happen to also be close personal friends with Seal Team Six. Who's scared of who now ?"

      1. Jonathan Richards 1

        The death of civilization as we know it is clearly foretold...

        Whom, dear boy. Who is scared of whom?.

  3. ProperDave

    Having just came to the party that is this story late, is there any irony in usimg the character name from The Princess Bride? Is it possibke this Ulbrict fellow is just the latest owner of the site?

    That could certainly prove entertaining, if the whole business pops up again somewhere with a new leader by the same name.

    1. Michael Hawkes
      Black Helicopters

      Imitation is the ...

      Considering how TOR works, it would be possible for multiple sites named Silk Road to appear, each with different ownership. Some might even be run by the DEA (or other govt agencies).

    2. Anonymous Hero 1


      You keep using that word...

      Anyway, he did make an interesting comment when he first picked the name that it was "appropriate on so many level" or something to that effect.

    3. ProperDave

      Just realised how many typos were in the last post. Serves me right for posting from a phone on a London bus.

  4. bitmap animal

    I can't see this being good for their community

    I'd have thought they should accept that they will always have the authorities after them but by exposing and harassing these agents will surely make them much more of a target. The authorities need to keep their agents low key and I'm sure they will do all they can to help keep it that way and start using more devious methods.

    It reminds me of the kidnappings of European oil workers in Central African countries. For a long time it was seen as an occupational hazard, generally they were well looked after and the rewards asked were fairly small and were paid after a few days. As I understand it, this balance continued for many years until some of the kidnappers became greedy and started asking for more money and became more violent until it grew into a problem.

    Sometimes it's best to keep your heads down.

  5. Spoddyhalfwit

    These guys need to take a chill pill

    If they can find somewhere new to buy them.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The FBI must be terrified

    Because a bunch of disgruntled druggie loser keyboard warriors are uniting

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The FBI must be terrified

      Sigh, always one Daily Fail reader.....

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Up

        Re: The FBI must be terrified

        Assuming that Ali's comment was heavy on irony I have to agree. Doesn't the FBI have quite a long history of not being intimidated by criminals?

        Mind, and I suspect it's been said before, 'In Cyber Space nobody can hear you scream'.

        1. Great Bu

          'In Cyber Space nobody can hear you scream'.

          '.....but they can watch YouTube videos of you crapping your undies when the feds kick your door down....."

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I so wish I could post the full personal details of these idiots. I so hope the FBI can come down on these guys like a ton of bricks.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I so...

      ...don't think you have their full personal details.

      Wish wish wish. If only eh.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chalk one up for the War on Drugs

    My boss used Silk Road to buy his weekly fix. He said that because of the review system on the site you could be reasonably sure that the product that turned up in your mail box was the product as advertised.

    Thanks to the FBI shut down a load of low key users are now going to have to find alternate suppliers and will be wondering if it's chalk, baking soda or worse that they are being supplied with.

    To be honest I feel this has less to do with Silk Road and rather more to do with Bitcoin. The FBI has just removed on of the largest marketplaces converting bitcoin into real products and services. This will have the knock on effect of reducing the appeal of bitcoin and devaluing a currency outside the control of the international banking/political community.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Re: Chalk one up for the War on Drugs

      At least your boss and the load of low key users can rely on the legal come back if they buy chalk, baking soda or worse. Depending on the circumstances the supplier could either be charged with fraud or possibly even theft.

      As to the matter of bitcoin if the primary marketplace has now been removed does it matter that it's appeal will be reduced? Philosophically if it's Raison d'être is no more why does it matter?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Chalk one up for the War on Drugs

      'This will have the knock on effect of reducing the appeal of bitcoin and devaluing a currency outside the control of the international banking/political community.'

      If so, aside from a minor blip, it doesn't appear to have worked well. The rate is at a multi-month high - up to five months, depending on which exchange you look at.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Chalk one up for the War on Drugs

        "At least your boss and the load of low key users can rely on the legal come back if they buy chalk, baking soda or worse. Depending on the circumstances the supplier could either be charged with fraud or possibly even theft.

        I don't think so....traditionally complaints along these lines have ended with the arrest of everybody involved.

      2. Mike Moyle

        Re: Chalk one up for the War on Drugs

        Well, of course the value went up; the feds confiscated $3.6 million worth. As the available quantity of a commodity goes down, the value goes up.

        Maybe I don't understand the basic principle but it seems to me that, if the Feds want to destroy Bitcoin, they should be using their Crays (or whatever super-computers they use) to start "mining" Bitcoins like crazy and flood the market, offering WAY over value in offering to buy products and causing runaway inflation. When your Bc200,000 is roughly equal to $1.98 you've pretty much hyper-inflated the currency out of existence.

        I mean -- admittedly -- I'm old and I don't understand this here newfangled tech-no-low-gee stuff, but if Bitcoin (and its user base) follows the basic rules of economics, this should work, right?

        1. MonkeyCee

          Re: Chalk one up for the War on Drugs

          Quiet! If you start applying logic and economics to drug problems, you start to realise that it's much more efficient to not have to fund two (or more) paramilitary groups in the costs of your product, then it's just cheaper to cut out all the middlemen.

          As in, the state just buys all the production of narcotics. *cough* like they do in certain countries *cough*. Hell, legalise it under state licence, and tax it like it was petrol/booze/tobacco. State monopoly on controlled substances, masses of raw material for pharma.

          That's how you win the war on drugs. Just co-opt it, buy in bulk. But you don't get the side benefit of being able to raid or bust anyone at will. One could even suggest this was an intended result.

          There will be some who claim that this already happened many years ago, and that the international trade in pretty much all illegal goods is run/controlled/taxed by the various intelligence agencies as being sources for the illegal things they do care about. No way would the CIA or MI6 run drugs or guns to suit anyones ends or make a buck. I hear ex-KGB are all quietly retired doing gardening and playing chess, no Antonov's running guns here sir.

        2. Old Handle

          @Mike Moyle

          The main reason that won't work is the protocol limits the number of Bitcoins that can be generated in a week. It's a little more complicated than that since the whole thing is consensus based, so there are thing that could be done to screw with it, but it's definitely not as simple as just throwing a bunch of fast computers at the problem.

          Actually what might be interesting to see is what will happen if/when the FBI liquidates their seized bitcoins.

  9. Schultz

    Silkroad (or its decendents) is here to stay

    Everybody involved should chill out a bit. So the police busted a major drug peddler and destroyed a drug market. But, as long as there is business, there are surely lots of others waiting to fill his shoes.

    As long as people crave drugs (forever?), there will be drugs.

    This is a war that could only be won in a totalitarian police state (although the example of North Korean indicates that a totalitarian police state may not be sufficient).

    Beer: currently legal!

  10. Anonymous Coward 101

    I wonder if the people making such thinly veiled threats understand the seriousness of what they are doing? I think the authorities will try every means they can think of to give serious jail time to those making threats against FBI officers.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Either that or the FBI will keep their own people stirring things up within the community by threatening themselves? I've seen people mentioning those that do that here, why not there?

  11. tkioz

    And I thought PETA had the market cornered on own goals. I mean seriously what a bunch of idiots.

    I'm a firm believe that the so-called "War on Drugs" is nothing but a massive waste of money and the problem would be better tackled by legalising the less harmful drugs (pot for example) and taxing the ever loving hell out of it, while putting money into treatment programs and focusing on the more destructive drugs and those that sell them(heroin, meth, etc).

    From a practical perspective it makes sense, you free up resources to handle the really dangerous stuff at the same time as you introduce a new revenue stream (something more than a few countries desperately need) to pay for treatment programs.

    But threatening police isn't a way to do it, it anti-productive and makes the job of the sane people working slowly, within the system, to legalise some drugs all the harder.

    Disclaimer: I haven't smoked pot or taken any illegal substances in the last fifteen years.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who cares, there's already at least 3 alternatives up and running.

    Sheep Market being one.

    Another job well done by Futile Battles Incorporated.

    1. Cliff

      Think about it for a moment, before smashing the biggie, do you think the FBI wouldn't infiltrate and/or establish their own marketplace honeypots?

      Added bonus, in the meantime they're all that's funding US Govt, too.

  13. badger31

    Sounds like they are just venting steam.

    It's a shame about the silk road, but now that the FBI have made it clear just how amazingly profitable it was there will be many more popping up soon.

    Everyone should have the right to get high now and again - what harm does it cause (other than the harm caused by it being illegal)?

  14. DJO Silver badge

    Bye bye Miss American Pie.

    Given that TOR is a US government project I can't help but think the FBI cracked the Silk Road ages ago and have left it running as a honey trap and only busted it because the NSA needed something to (in the eyes of US media) justify their blanket surveillance of the US population.

  15. Irongut

    "Exposing personal information... has been an effective tactic for groups like Anonymous..."

    Yeah that worked really well for Anon. None have them have ever been arrested or tried because the rozzers are all scared.

    Oh wait.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As Private Eye's 'Exclusive to all newspapers' would have it:


  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To many people have been influenced by all the "mob" films of late.

    Instead of earning a living, they all want to lower themselves and become a gang member in the myth that they would gain respect. Gangstas/crims are just that, criminals and can be given no respect, unless they hold a weapon/use violence.

    Shame they couldn't look after their families by normal means. Qudos to the normal working man. They deserve and earn their respect.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      OT: Confusion

      I think you may have aimed for kudos, and fallen just short of QDOS.

      Easy mistake.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I love the fact that our politicians, mums net, and their ilk always know better, when not one have nay knowledge or expereince to draw on.

    They will continue to FAIL, like the last 40 years (that I know of), a continuous FAILURE.

    Young uns are dead because of THEIR FAILURE.

    Yet they continue to FAIL. They will ALWAYS FAIL. They refuse to accept ANY other form of action than the FAILURE of the past 40 years.


  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hold on a secnd there buster !

    Slow down , imagine a world without drugs for a minute.How many people had crazy ideas tripping on drugs that became projects that became successes .. Just the munber of coders on drugs and coding super inventively justify keeping a silk road. Drugs , like mushroom , are known to open up imagination and medically proven to have good effects on the brain. it's not all bad .The method of distribution might be questionable but we need a secure source of good quality drugs and minimise crime related to the traffic. I say simply : legalise all drugs and use the money to fund the best social services , roads , parks and infrastructures with the profits and at the same time cut crime by at least half.

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