back to article It's that time again: Sources whisper about NetApp Quantum slurp

A number of sources whisper to The Register that tape-maker and dedupe specialist Quantum is in negotiations over a sale – and they also say a well-known Sunnyvale storage supplier is fingering its wallet. Three Reg sources have said they've heard Quantum has a "for sale" sign around its neck. So, just as a thought experiment …


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  1. M Debelic

    The acquisition would make sense. If I were NetApp, only 2 aspect of the deal would raise concern:

    1) do I want to get into the tape business?

    2) what to do with the 2000 employees of Quantum (and at what cost).?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Quantum is a company that came up with some good stuff but just couldn't deliver. A lot of it's stuff was not very good and was not supported well.

    Netapp is a company with a history of having difficulty integrating new acquisitions and technologies into it's portfolio.

    I think while Netapp could afford Quantum I'm not sure it could do a lot with what it got. There's no immediate profit and as a user above commented they will have 2000 employees......a large chunk of which they will have to get rid of.

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