back to article Blundering Tech Data faces NASDAQ boot over Computer 2000 accounts

Tech Data is facing a delisting from the NASDAQ unless it can bring its financial house in order, the distributor has confirmed. The world's second largest tech wholesaler had until 26 September to file its fiscal 2013 Form 10-K - an annual report required by the SEC - and numbers for first half of this current financial year …


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  1. Don Jefe


    Tech Data may be in the hot seat at the moment, but they certainly don't own the exclusive rights to dodgy bookkeeping in the tech distribution world. Everything about that industry fosters an environment of bad practices.

    There's no good money in it for most participants, and the difference between eating and starving is the .025% extra you managed to cram into an order. Everybody is fighting for scraps and there is little differentiation between suppliers. They're all selling the same commodities and the only way to stand out is to cut your own throat and lower your margins. Anytime price is the primary target the only people who really benefit are those at the very top. There's nothing left for those in the middle.

    The funny part to me is that the manufacturers could replace their channel partners easily enough and sell direct B2B, really beefing up their bottom lines. They could, but don't want to screw with it, it simply isn't worth the hassle. The people in the channel have been given the absolute worst role in the industry and new channel participants have to pay for the privilege. It isn't even sales, it is a brokerage.

    Find something of high value to sell and get away from the sleazy channel. The money sucks and everything about it is dodgy.

  2. The Godfather

    cut in half here...

    Ability to generate proper profit out of traditional supply means scavenging for every cent and frequently not knowing precisely what meagre amount you've made until all the various calculations/permutations are finalized.

    Horrible squeeze in the middle and tougher still when you have to shift what meagre profit you make in order to minimize tax liability too, otherwise there is naff all left in the pot.

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