back to article Chinternet uncensored: Decrypt Weibo tool unblocks tweets

The team behind anti-censorship not-for-profit has turned on a new service designed to allow micro-bloggers in China to recover censored Sina Weibo posts, in a move which won't go down well with Beijing. Decrypt Weibo comes from GreatFire’s FreeWeibo project and, as the name suggests, is a decrypting tool which …


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  1. Just_this_guy
    Big Brother

    How to bypass the Great Firewall ENTIRELY!

    Sorry, this comment is not suitable for the public. Please contact the CCP Reeducation Through Labour department for help.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Did someone just say "Sino Weeaboo"?...

    ...'Cause I think I just heard someone say "Weeaboo".

    Seriously, doesn't "Sina Weibo" sound a bit close to "Sino-Weeaboo"? I propose that "Sino-Weeaboo" should become the official accepted term for any teenage Westerner nerdishly into Chinese (rather than Japanese) culture.

    WE-I-BO! WE-I-BO!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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