back to article SGI buys out FileTek, strolls into StorHouse and puts its feet up

Supercomputer, high-performance computing and big data supplier SGI has bought out storage virtualisation biz Filetek to get its hands on the company's HPC data management technology. FileTek's flagship product is StorHouse; software providing large-scale data management and storage (file) virtualisation, with a single …


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  1. Jay 2

    SGI, now there's a name (or ref to the orig Silicon Graphics Inc) I haven't heard for a while!

    I recall visiting my friend who worked out near SF back in 1997 and we went to (old) SGI to play on some flight sim thingy where you sat (moveable?) pods and wore headsets. That was pretty impressive at the time.

    1. data never sleeps

      SGI buys FileTek

      If you have not looked at SGI recently, you owe it to yourself, and your organization to do so...

      SGI has been for years, working with organizations who capture, create and process huge amounts of data with the need to extract meaningful insight form that data, in ever decreasing amounts of time. Commonly known as a key player in the HPC (High Performance Computing Space), SGI stands to benefit as the commercial marketplace moves towards their capabilities.

      Their capabilities to ingest, process and manage multiple data types is remarkable!

This topic is closed for new posts.