back to article State-backed hackers: You think you're so mysterious, but you're really not – report

Nation-state driven cyber attacks often take on a distinct national or regional flavour that can uncloak their origins, according to new research by net security firm FireEye. Computer viruses, worms, and denial of service attacks often appear from behind a veil of anonymity. But a skilful blending of forensic “reverse-hacking …


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  1. Great Bu

    Squirrelling away.....

    The claim that squirrels have been responsible for blackouts but not cyberattacks misses the bigger picture - who is training these squirrels to use computers ? The NSA ? What if they start to employ chinchillas ? I have a chinchilla, his name is Jeff. He once chewed the plug off of my TV - can I trust him ? Is he really Jeff or is that just a cover for his real name ?

    Only time will tell.

    1. smudge

      Re: Squirrelling away.....

      So how did he tell you that his name was Jeff? The implication is that you didn't give him that name...

      1. ian 22

        Re: Squirrelling away.....

        Perhaps his real name is Jeff, but only tells you it is Jeff to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt.

      2. DropBear

        Re: Squirrelling away.....

        Don't be silly, chinchillas can't talk. The name was on his business card.

  2. Khaptain

    Heartwarming article !!!

    Yet another manifestation of mankind's capacity for destruction.

    How to make a grey day even greyer by leading the unwashed masses even further down the path of fear.......

  3. Robert E A Harvey

    cat, bag, etc

    ...And now that this report has been written the evil ones will know better how to disguise their origins.

  4. smudge

    It's those 'regional traits' that give you away

    I have visions of cyber-attack software from GCHQ containing comments in West Country pirate-speak.

    "Ooohh aaarrhh! Now ye be scuppered good'n'proper!!"

    1. Alister

      Re: It's those 'regional traits' that give you away

      Oi drove moi traactor threw yur net-stack larst noight, oohh aargh, oohh arrgh.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's those 'regional traits' that give you away

      Aisle av eee

  5. Kubla Cant Silver badge


    a cyber arms treaty that could stem the use of online attacks

    The obvious parallel is with treaties that limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons or ban the use of biological weapons. As far as I know it's very, very difficult to build a nuke in your bedroom, and both hard and risky to make biological weapons there*. Also, either activity will tend to leave evidence that points to the perpetrator. In consequence, both these activities are mostly limited to nation states. Cyber arms, are much more amenable to private enterprise, and their originators aren't likely to sign treaties.

    * e.g. weaponised smelly socks

  6. Lostintranslation

    Or, as Sun Tzu so eloquently put it in three words, "Know your enemy".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Big Brother

      I don't know you.

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