back to article OpenDaylight: meet networking's bright newcomer

Few of us have come across the word OpenDaylight in polite conversation lately, however many years we have spent using and managing networks. It is, however, one of a number of related words that we are all going to be using a great deal over the next 12 to 18 months. Let us look at what it is and, more importantly, the wider …


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  1. Graham 24

    Double very two years?

    "Also CPUs tend to become 20 to 25 per cent faster year over year, so almost double every two years"

    25% per year is a 56% over two years, not doubling.

    1. Muhammad Imran/mi1400

      Re: Double very two years?

      Strange to see ur comment and two likes for you... u r going for litterals... the "tendancy" is 25% improvement and every 2 years or so AMD/Intel revise their fabrication hence the jump is different. Thnk of intel's Tick Tock. with every tick there is a total overhual. so plz instead of decieving people... try to understand why the guy would have said something "seemingly" irrational.

      1. Adrian L

        Re: Double very two years?

        Replace the word "so" with "and" and you could be right but with the word "so" in there as reported, the sentence clearly states that a 25% increase per year over two years has the effect of doubling which it doesn't.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Excellent Post

    The opening sentence didn't make very much sense but the rest of the article was very interesting. Good insight.

    1. JerseyDaveC

      Re: Excellent Post

      Delighted you liked the feature - it was enjoyable to do, as the vendor contacts were refreshingly willing to give their honest opinions and to get a bit technical.

      And I'll make the Ed buy me a pint when I see him next to make up for munging my first sentence :-)

      Thanks again,

      Dave (author)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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