back to article Icefog hit-and-run hackers uncovered in Asia

Kaspersky Lab has uncovered a new APT campaign aimed at pilfering secrets from governments and supply chain industrial, military, media and technology companies in Japan and South Korea. Icefog features many of the key attributes of targeted attacks, including the spear phishing email lure to gain a foothold in the victim’s …


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  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Quang Grade Mark 11

    I see "Foreign Policy" is luridly biggening this up like one of its customary Nukes From Iran Next Week stories, talking about how this enables the Chinaman to put logical bombs into our plane software.

    Western systems are not only badly protected with managers unable to resist clicking on attachements, they do not have source code control and change management either.

    "Me penetrate you a loooong time."

  2. Vociferous

    So China is back to its old tricks again.

    Didn't take long.

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