back to article iPhone 5S, iOS 7 misery: Only JORDAN HATCH, 19, can SAVE APPLE NOW

The searing Syrian desert sun glinted off the Kalashnikovs. It was a tense situation – and about to get a lot tenser. I had planned to spend a chilled out August of mediation and blue-sky thinking in Aspen, but had been summoned on urgent and Top Secret business – on a mission so dangerous that even my inseparable assistant …


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  1. Tom 38 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Bong just makes me sad (heh)

    Bong is all about how fucked up the world is these days, where as BOFH is all about how stupid users are and how IT outsmart everyone... I think I just gave away my bias. They are both funny series, but Bong is all "haha, that's true, oh wait, this shit is real, that's not funny", where as BOFH is all "haha, that's true, stupid users/accountants/security guards/vendors/Head of IT".

  2. Peter Simpson 1

    Hottest 25 under 25 -- at 30

    Please, oh, please: come back in five years, with a second look at all these folks, and tell us how they have changed? It will, I guarantee, be worth the effort...

    // old guy, wishes them all well

  3. Tim 54

    Good to see the Standard is so good at maths that of their 25 "under 25", 1 is 26 and 4 are 25

    But hey it's just a trashy list anyway.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another 'wünderkind'

    Which newspaper was it, Steve? Which? Guardian? Independent?

    *SCREAM* It's WUNDERkind. No U-Umlaut. *ARGH*

    *goes into grammar nazi meltdown*

  5. thejimthing

    pretty sure พวงมาลัยดอกไม้ is Thai for "Garland of Flowers

This topic is closed for new posts.