back to article Rotten Apple iOS 7 fury: Glitchy audio or is today's music really that bad?

Fanbois and developers have hit out at Apple after the launch of iOS 7 was dogged by problems. Punters complained downloads of the latest version of the operating system stumbled to a halt as people hammered the update servers. Meanwhile, some software makers warned people to steer clear of the build until bugs caused by …


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  1. Chris 3

    Well, I suppose I should be the first fanboi to say...

    I downloaded it in about 20 minutes at 6:30pm in the UK. Shoved it on an iPad 2, which seems to be coping fine so far. No audio problems that I can see in either Garageband or music playback.

    Not an unalloyed delight; the visual design will take some getting used to, but generally a quite useful update.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Well, I suppose I should be the first fanboi to say...

      Oh look a smug iPhone user. Don't see those so much these days ;-)

      1. Rik Myslewski
        Thumb Up

        Re: Well, I suppose I should be the first fanboi to say...

        In the interest of being "Fair and Balanced," this Reg hack — smug? hardly... — weighs in to say that his iOS 7 download (1.2GB, BTW) went smoothly, the update proceeded without a hitch, and all is well, with no audio problems whatsoever.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Well, I suppose I should be the first fanboi to say...

          Hey Rik, I thought you guys at El Reg would have been running on the Beta versions to keep a close eye on the proceedings ;-)

          Like you though, I did update my device and all did / is working well.

      2. Chris 3

        Re: Well, I suppose I should be the first fanboi to say...

        I don't actually own an iPhone. I might buy one just to annoy you, though.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Big Brother

          Re: Well, I suppose I should be the first fanboi to say...

          @Chris 3 - "I don't actually own an iPhone. I might buy one just to annoy you, though."

          I wouldn't try to annoy someone by throwing away $700 on a closed device with a closed OS and a closed app ecosystem that quite certainly has NSA backdoors built-in at a very low level. Basically a personal tracking device for the world's second richest company and the spies of the world's richest nation to follow your every move and thought.

          Other than the small above points, you've got a good plan there.

    2. returnmyjedi

      Lucky you. My iPad 2 is now a juddery mess.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Updated an iPad 3, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 2x iPods.

      Initial connection to the server at 6.30pm took a few tries and after that experienced no problems. All devices updated by 10.00pm.

      Now have devices with toy town icons, swipes that are back to front which can be confusing but all in all it went without any fuss. Not sure about new designs or brightness and type set of keyboard or minimalist design but will get used to them with practice. I really don't like the grey folders but over all better than before.also better than the Android updates I never got before I changed to the dark side.

      1. johnnymotel

        Re: Boll*cks

        What I found very quickly, was that select a black and white background and the slightly ott colours start to look pretty nice. I'd say that after a few hours use, I see no reason to go back on os6

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The proof is in the....

      Show me an Android update that could cope with so many updaters?


      Nuff said.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

      2. Mr Fuzzy

        Re: The proof is in the....

        Er... I'm not sure that's entirely relevant. Estimating required capacity doesn't have a lot to do with the flavour of the downloads.

      3. ElNumbre

        Re: The proof is in the....

        "Show me an Android update that could cope with so many updaters?"

        I suspect Google have a better CDN than Apple, given their primary business is delivering content across a network. Having said that, its a relatively MOO point, given that Android updates are generally governed by the carriers and device manufacturers, which is the one thing that blows with that ecosystem.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: The proof is in the....

          CDN = Crap Delivery Network? Yes, Google do, as well as the biggest CICN - Customer Infomation Collection Network (next to the spooks)

      4. Eeep !

        Re: The proof is in the....

        Android users are busy doing stuff, have lives that don't stop if they don't have the latest (not necessarily greatest) and understand that only a tediously sad few need an OS update instantly so let them get it first and pick it up themselves in all good time - it's a community thing that often seems missing in iOwners.

      5. jonathanb Silver badge

        Re: The proof is in the....

        How many people get Chrome updates without them even realising it is being updated? It's on version 29 now.

        1. Frank Bough

          Re: The proof is in the....

          Apple want your money. Google want to sell you to the highest bidder. I understand the former relationship, I'll never understand the latter.

          1. HMB

            Re: The proof is in the....

            Wow, what a thread. Someone let me know when the children have been put to bed and maybe the adults can chat about it without making funny faces at each other and saying they smell.

      6. LaunchpadBS

        Re: The proof is in the....

        Look at all your down votes, I think you might have struck a nerve with the Android fannys.

        I love how this actually made the news, Apple's staggering of updates, when 200 million people try to hit up a server for a pretty big download all at the same time you'd be hard pressed to find a company that doesn't have issues with that...oh wait there aren't any with a user base like that (Windows doesn't count, never works anyway).

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Oh how the Fandroids had been rubbing their hand with glee and hoping for disaster...

      Imagine the disappointment they are feeling in seeing the update go so smoothly. Instead they try to focus on little problems here and there and pick fault, but this does not cheer them. The look longingly at their Android handset stuck in Gingerbread limbo knowing only too well they will have to spend money on a new phone to get the latest version of Android.

      So they snipe and pick and gang up together to downvote those of us with smug expressions on out faces, and we didn't have to pay for it either.

      1. Cliff

        Re: Excitement

        >>Oh how the Fandroids had been rubbing their hand with glee and hoping for disaster...<<

        Just for reassurance, the vast bulk of us couldn't give a flying fuck.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Excitement

          "Just for reassurance, the vast bulk of us couldn't give a flying fuck."

          Indeed so little flight and so little copulation I just had to desperately hammer out a comment to tell everyone.

      2. JarekG

        Re: Excitement

        "The look longingly at their Android handset stuck in Gingerbread limbo knowing only too well they will have to spend money on a new phone to get the latest version of Android."

        Could you tell me where can I get that iOS 7 for my iPhone 3?

        Oh wait...I need to get new hardware, don't I? I guess no Cool-Aid for me this time.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Excitement


          How old is your iphone 3?

          Android phones less than six months old didn't get the updates.

        2. pklausner

          Re: Excitement

          iPhone 3. From 2008. Do you think there is *any* Android vendor who bothers about a device older than, say, 3 years? Most devices *never* get a single update. Your only bet is Cyanogen. Which works ... on some phones.

          I'm all for Apple bashing, but please, stick to the facts.

      3. SuccessCase

        Peak Hamill

        Yes you can be absolutely certain Jasper has been trawling the inter webs for as much iOS7 disaster as he could find. Which given estimates are there have been 100million updates and Internet traffic yesterday evening was double it's normal amount, you would think he could have found a bit more than he managed. Very poor show.

    6. jonathanb Silver badge

      Re: Well, I suppose I should be the first fanboi to say...

      I kind of almost worry that I will cut my hands on the sharp corners. What's the point of having a patent on rounded corners if you don't use it?

  2. El_Fev

    Again with the server overload rubbish...

    Jesus Christ 100 million people try downloading at the same time, what the hell do you expect! "Patience" its just not an English word people.

    1. Fletchulence

      Re: Again with the server overload rubbish...

      I'm probably in the wrong forum.

      But I do think Apple might take a look at how Android handles this. They tell you roughly when an update will be available then stagger the distribution over a few days. Rather than letting everyone try at once.

      On a side note, I was midly horrified to hear a fellow employee this morning tell me the update had removed every one of his installed apps. The horror wasn't the fact they'd been deleted. It was that he seemed to think it was acceptable.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Again with the server overload rubbish...

        Yep, some more Android features that Apple should copy.

        How does it feel to be finally running Gingerbead on iPhone? Only another few more generation jumps to catch up to where Google is today.

      2. ThomH

        Re: Again with the server overload rubbish...

        App deletion is not the norm — the Apple updater doesn't delete apps. If the employee thought it was normal, maybe that's because he specifically did a clean install?

        I doubt Apple would switch to a staggered release because it would ruin their PR. The boast is always "best launch ever, <whatever>% of users updated on day one, <huge number of> downloads", trying to draw a distinction with Android in the minds of developers.

      3. Frank Bough

        Re: Again with the server overload rubbish...

        No OS update from anyone else can do this

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "I've never understood what women go through during 26 hour labor until I tried to download iOS 7."

    "iOS 7 won't download on my iPhone THIS IS THE WORST DAY EVER"

    Wow. Talk about first world problems. There's a proper sub-set of iFans who are proper vacuous pratts. As for the first twittard, I'm sure a queue of women would quickly form to help teach him what labour would really feel like...

    1. Eradicate all BB entrants

      Ask a woman who has ....

      ..... given birth and suffered kidney/gall stones which was worse. The worst curse I can think of is wishing kidney stones on someone.

      1. Anomalous Cowturd

        Re: Ask a woman who has ....

        Have to agree with that sentiment. I've spoken to two women who have given birth and had gall stones, and they both said gall stones were far more painful.

        Really made my day. :o)

        I have numerous health problems, including having three heart attacks, but gall stones wins the "Hurts like fuck" prize by a country mile.

        Like being run through with a rusty cutlass. Slowly and repeatedly.


      2. Harman Mogul

        Re: Ask a woman who has ....

        Indeed, tis v painful.

    2. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

      In fairness, we're looking at a subset that's the intersection of iPhone and Twitter users. That's not a normal subset of the group action.

      1. VinceH

        "In fairness, we're looking at a subset that's the intersection of iPhone and Twitter users. That's not a normal subset of the group action."

        I don't think his use of Twitter is relevant, judging by the fanboi I commented about a few years ago.

        Although, I suppose he could have been a Twitter user as well, but it never came up.

    3. Tom_

      No possibility of them deliberately overstating the problem and you guys missing the sense of humour then? :)

  4. Kebablog

    I managed to update my 4S and iPad Mini after a few messages stating that the update was unavailable. Can't complain as several million 800mb updates is going to cause a blockage somewhere.

    1. Adam McCormack

      If only there was a torrent based distribution network...

  5. stephajn

    Colour me unsurprised

    A brand new OS release....of COURSE something is going to go wrong. Although it does make one wonder what the hell is going on when features that are so CORE to the product are the ones that go wrong. Shouldn't it be the edge cases that have the issues?

    Thinking back on the Wifi issues and so forth with iOS. Such glaring problems....why can't these be corrected before World+dog downloads the stupid thing? As for NYC Blonde's William Shatner said... "GET A LIFE!!!"

    1. ItsNotMe

      Re: Colour me unsurprised

      "Although it does make one wonder what the hell is going on when features that are so CORE to the product are the ones that go wrong."

      Nothing new here. Apple has been using its customers as Beta Testers for years. Why should anything change now with Boy Wonder 6 feet under?

      1. teapot9999

        Re: Colour me unsurprised

        iOS7 has been available to developers for ages, they should have updated their apps accordingly.

    2. Pookietoo

      Re: "GET A LIFE!!!"

      Do you not think perhaps that some of those tweets were taking the piss?

      1. Amorous Cowherder

        Re: "GET A LIFE!!!"

        "Do you not think perhaps that some of those tweets were taking the piss?"

        Sadly no because there are people out there who do genuinely think that way, so trying to sort the "wheat from the chaff" in huge pile of dickheads that the internet attracts is just to damn arduous to contemplate!

    3. Cliff

      Re: Colour me unsurprised

      Speaking of colour

      I wonder if the bright, Fisher Price-esque look actually works with the 5C line colour sets?

    4. Jamie Jones Silver badge

      Re: Colour me unsurprised

      " A brand new OS release....of COURSE something is going to go wrong."

      Oh dear, a child of the Microsoft generation, I see.

  6. TheDysk

    "But fans of the new flat design claim it turns iThings into an entirely new product."

    Something like a Fisher Price Toy then?

    1. Cliff

      New Product

      Well apparently it has got number blocking now. That's entirely now insofar as it's apparently been entirely missing upto now.

  7. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    Ahh diddums!!!

    See title.

  8. Tom 38 Silver badge

    There's a special kind of person who installs .0 software and then jumps up and down when there is a bug. If you don't want bugs, wait for .1

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      .0 releases

      Yes, I agree. If you are going to complain because some random app doesn't work quite right or you get hit by one of those random corner case bugs of the "x.0 killed my battery life!" type bugs that you see reported (though I don't know anyone that personally experienced this) then wait until x.0.1 or if you want to be extra careful, x.1.0.

      This was the first time I've ever updated on release day, mainly because Apple shipped me a new 5 a couple days ago - mine was nearing the end of the warranty and I was worried the intermittent issues I had with my sleep/wake button might become less intermittent over the next 12 months. I figured I'll try 7.0 out for a couple days, if all goes well I'll throw it on the new one, make sure that is trouble-free over the weekend, then I can send back my old one on Monday :)

      So far, so good with 7.0, I haven't run into any bugs. Not sure I like the overly plain white look of the Messages app and keyboard, and the white text on the lock screen required I change my background as it had some white in it. But on the whole I think it's a nice improvement.

  9. Gav

    Worse Day Ever

    Talk about your 1st world problems.

    I know someone who hasn't managed to updated their iOS. As long as no-one notices on the train, and the embarrassment kills him, he may see out the week. Beyond that I don't hold out too much hope. For the love of humanity Apple, do something for these helpless wretches!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Worse Day Ever

      Apple can do nothing - it's the Merkin system that makes them vacuous.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No problems with the update

    The annoying part is that it wants iTunes 11.1, which was supposed to be available via Software Update. But, nothing you can't fix by downloading it manually, installing it, and lo-and-behold, have iOS7 waiting for you :-)

    The iPad had no problems this morning with its OTA update either. The disk space requirement does make sense though. 800MB compressed may mean 1.5GB uncompressed, so you're already looking at 2.3GB total. Standard even for Linuxes, or, worse, Windows.

    That's why you buy a device with enough space (or capability of extending space) to carry all your stuff + then some. No hassle or drama here this time.

  11. Slik Fandango

    Five devices

    Didn't expect it to be as smooth as it was! Always takes time to get the download, this was one of the easiest. And I don't mind the .0 with possible bugs, happy to play about with it as I have all my mission critical stuff backed up.

    By this morning I had two iPads with Retina Display (aka iPad 4), two iPhone 4s and and an iPad Mini all ticking along nicely! And so far nothing that I really hate - just a bit of getting used to.

    Think the audio thing is sour grapes? 'Oh it's built in now - arse how are we going to sell our schtuff?'

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder...

    ...if these people had been around quite few years ago they would be the ones that tested fungu..

    "Hi we've this fish, it's killed loads of people in the past, but we think we may of found out what causes it. Want to try some?"

    "Errr does it mean I'm a leader?"

    "Yes, yes it does"

    "ok, sounds like a plan"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I wonder...


      Fugu, not fungu...

      Is it fate you only notice after you click submit?

      1. sandman

        Re: I wonder...

        Fate says NO, it's usually after some pedantic prick splashes their erudition over the forum, pointing out what a hopeless numpty you are... that you notice. Then of course you notice that in their pedanticness (new word) they have made rather more spelling and grammatical errors than you did originally ;-)

        1. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

          Re: I wonder...

          I was going to up-vote you, but the noun's pedantry not pedanticness.

          1. toxicdragon

            Re: I wonder...


            Zats ze joke


        2. sam bo

          Re: I wonder...

          pedanticness (new word), uhmm....neoligism ?

  13. Paul 164

    Audio - Siri

    Mine downloaded last night at 8pm in about 20 minutes, but then took 30 mins to "prepare" the update and then got stuck trying to connect to Apple's servers to "verify" the update before installing.

    Finally got it installed and tried Siri out to see if it had improved, only to find that Siri (UK) now sounds more like a Speak & Spell from the 80's!

    Anyone else notice this?

    1. Dan Paul

      Re: Audio - Siri

      You just got the Stephen Hawkings version! Mooo

    2. MrT

      Re: Audio - Siri

      Yeah, but some of the other nationalities sound j-ust as sti-ilt-ed. I've just tried the Aussie, Canadian and US versions of English and the best of the bunch seemed to be the Sheila, although the British bloke has a more authoritative tone. I wonder if there is any language where these synth voices sound right?

      For my iPad Mini the process went smoothly up to the actual install, when it kept telling me that the software was unavailable at this time - this is after downloading, preparing and verifying it. Then I remembered to properly quit all the running apps that were lurking in the background and it went through fine.

  14. Joey


    iOS7 became available about 6:50 (not the 6:00 that was touted on some sites). I managed to grab the update for my iPad within half an hour but subsequently trying to update my iPhone, I hit the traffic jam.

    I don't understand why updates like this can't be staggered across timezones or using some other method - but then that wouldn't get all the free publicity.

    Haven't hit any 'gotchas' yet.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "it just works"

    When marketing fluff hits the real world, there's bound to be issues.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only official cables

    I'm staggered by the arrogance that means that after putting iOS7 on my device, the charging and sync cable refuse to work because Apple detected it wasn't an official one. Having shelled out for a multi function cable (after Apple changed their own cable to lightning), I'm now screwed again.

    Don't tell me about the "upgrade" to an official one - I would have to pay to get less of a cable.

    And coverflow has gone, replaced by a tile arrangement where you can't change the sort order from Album name.

    Stuff 'em

    1. Mike Bell

      Re: Only official cables

      Step 1: Buy the newest iPhone because it takes your fancy

      Step 2: Buy an unlicensed Lightning cable that circumvents licensing and testing

      Step 3: Plug it in

      Step 4: Your phone goes BANG

      Step 5: You take your smouldering device to an Apple Store and demand that they replace it

      Step 6: Apple say "fuck off"

      Sounds reasonable to me.

      Step 4 is avoided by detecting your dodgy equipment and saying "fuck off" in software.

      1. RainForestGuppy

        Re: Only official cables


        Step 1. By a better phone that uses standard cables such as micro usb

        Step 2. Enjoy a much better experience without being tied to using (and paying for the privilege of being restricted to) only the apps/content/media that the fruity one want you to.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Only official cables

          Having suffered through several devices that use micro-USB I'm up for a new connector that's more durable. I've bought expensive cables and cheap cables and they all end up going bad after a while, even though I'm not rough on them.

          Still, a cable with a short lifetime is a good match for my Android phones. I've bought several of those as well (both expensive and cheap) and none of them seem to be supported past a couple of updates. Even getting the updates can be delayed quite a while by my phone carrier.

          I'm seriously considering an iPhone 5s as my next phone.

          1. Alien8n

            Re: Only official cables

            So much this. I used to love the Sony Ericsson phones until the Xperia range came out. I now refuse to use a SE phone with a micro USB slot as they're prone to breaking and SE refuse to admit there's a design flaw. Not had any issues with the charging sockets on any other phone.

            Socket on my old iphone 3 survived several years before being given to my daughter as part of an upgrade. So far her track record is 3 laptop chargers, a portable dvd charger and one iphone charger and the socket on the iphone. I have since banned her from using anything electrical that requires anything other than a bog standard kettle lead or smaller 2 pin lead (which I have loads of).

    2. Martin

      Re: Only official cables

      I've never quite understood the rationale of people who will spend six hundred quid on a phone then jiib at spending fifteen quid on an official cable.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Numerous Update failures between 6pm and 6:30pm.

    Waited until around 9pm and it went through without a hitch.

    Interface is a bit, err, bright, but everything works fine.

  18. Philomena Cunk

    Nexus 4 running great here, and already running iOS12

    Smug much?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Nexus 4 running great here, and already running iOS12

      You're missing the "." between the "1" and the "2".

  19. CmdrX3

    What a world where the value of your day is down to whether or not you get a software update in a timely fashion. Stick that bimbo in the middle of a struggling African village and she might see what the worst day ever is really like.

  20. Maharg

    Not having an iPhone myself but knowing a few who do, I have heard that either it took 20 minutes to download, or in the worst case I have seen someone posted a screen shot on facebook showing an estimated time of 13 hours. However those who have downloaded it have nothing but good things to say, and when I was shown the updated version I personally thought it looked better, the added functions in the lock screen like being able to turn off your wifi conection and the fact it doesn’t stop playing music when you go to a site like youtube until you click to play a video are all good functions.

    1. Steve the Cynic

      "the added functions in the lock screen"

      Like finally being able to tap the wake button, then poke the screen to force the mp3 player to skip ahead / back... 'Course it only works if you sleep the machine while the player is the foreground app, but there you are...

      My own experience on the download is that it showed 10 hours at one point, and then a bit later it was up to 17. It actually took a lot less, although I would have liked it to (Finnish words) wait after downloading rather than just installing during the night once the download finished (after only a few hours).

      The problem being that I use it as my alarm clock, and it lost the date/time until I unlocked the SIM to get it back on-line. At 4:45am, ffs. (I don't know. Something disturbed my sleep, so I looked at the phone to find out the time, and there it was, already in iOS7.) It looks like everything works, at least.

      And I like the ability to open up a folder and swipe through its pages rather than being limited to 12 items.

      1. Tom 38 Silver badge

        Like finally being able to tap the wake button, then poke the screen to force the mp3 player to skip ahead / back... 'Course it only works if you sleep the machine while the player is the foreground app, but there you are

        What do you mean, finally? You've been able to do this for several years now, even with replacement audio apps like spotify. Double tap home button whilst locked, audio controls appear on lock screen, it's been like that since ios 3 or 4.

        1. Steve the Cynic

          My home button's a little flaky, which may be part of the problem, but I think they've moved it to single click, only when there's a set of headphones plugged in. Bah. I never noticed it until now. Sigh.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "But fans of the new flat design claim it turns iThings into an entirely new product."

    While those not affected by the reality distortion field can see its just straws. Its as poor as their fans are sad.

    Goodnight Apple! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  22. JGR

    Just plain ugly

    For a company that prides itself on design this release is just plain ugly. The folder backgrounds look like something didn't render properly on the screen. Folders on an ipad used to display many more icons and now you have to scroll if there are more than 9. What a waste of real estate on an iPad's screen. There are some new features that I like but to look at it there is not to appreciate.

  23. krakead

    Phone updated in about 30 mins starting at about 7pm. iPad I left overnight and it was all done in the morning.

    But there's a serious lack of perspective from both sides of the (very childish) device divide.

  24. IHateWearingATie

    Left the wife's 4S running overnight...

    ... and it was sorted by the morning. Her feedback so far is:

    - Picture gallery updates very good

    - Control centre very good (particularly the torch button in the control centre)

    - Changes to contacts and messaging very good

    - Colours and icons awful, too bright and looks like something for my 3 year old daughter

    She still wants an Android phone next though (not because of the operating system, but because she saw a Sony phone in purple - ho hum)

  25. PC1512


    So, Audiobus's product is potentially rendered obsolete by IOS7.

    But wait, in other news, Audiobus have announced that IOS7 is no good and stressed the importance of everyone staying on IOS6 for as long as possible! Well done Reg for alerting us to this very impartial discovery!

  26. Pete4000uk

    *the* Jimmie Johnson uses a iPhone? That's a bit advanced for a NASCAR racer!

  27. heyrick Silver badge

    Sucks balls

    Really. The flat style UI is horrible, amateurish, and looks like something of the GEM/Windows3 era on a better quality display.

    The pull up control panel is nice. The huge pull down notification bar is awful. And the crappy thing STILL cannot work out where I am (I submitted my AP to SkyHook a week or two ago). Why is the iPad incapable of having the ability to stick a pin on the map and say "I am here"?

    It would be nice to have a keyboard reflect reality and show capitals and small as such. For an easy-to-use device, the lack of visual change is astonishing. Still can't send photos via Bluetooth to non-Apple devices. The music player seems okay on earphones. Still don't have options for photo size/quality. Ditto video.

    Downloading iOS 7 last night claimed it would take 4 hours at 9pm CEST. I think it took about three and a half, plus about 40 minutes to unpack, plus 25-30 to reflash. I started at 9pm, checked the configuration/settings at half one before crashing for the night. I have not had an in depth look, but I'm really not a fan of the new look. It's a shame iOS doesn't support skins so we could choose the UI.

  28. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    I'm on to them!

    They reckon that all the folks wanting the latest and greatest(?) are too young to remember what early 1990s icons looked like.

  29. PaulR79

    Horror stories about download issues

    If only there was some way they could know roughly how many people would want to download a new update such as previous years or adding extra capacity but then they'd need to know the date this groundbreaking software was being released....

  30. Sir_bobbyuk

    IOS 7....what happen

    First I knew Apple had release it was around 8pm, then I tried to download it. Several attempts and messages saying it would take 7 hours was interesting. I think that was to put people off. Took till around 11pm to download it, however once it downloaded it failed to variety the download, so I waited until this morning. The install itself took around 15-20 minutes, by which time I was on the bus to work. When it restart I noticed it asking for a pass code to be setup, that was a first after I did that I opened up the apps and check the details were still there. On many of the apps, including the register apps, the download was slow. As soon as I got a wifi connection things started to happen data refresh picked up and I got the impression that the os was bedding itself in more as the day progressed. The down side you can tell the difference regarding the apps look

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    iOS 7 went like a charm yesterday busy or not BUT

    Even with the aforementioned clogged networks, I experienced only a short delay and then everything went smoothly. Much to my surprise when I tried to sync the phone with my mac, I got an unexpected "iTunes 11.1 required". So I downloaded that, installed it, and found that it broke some of music gear (most critically iDrum, my favorite quick entry but great sounding drum machine that I use constantly).

    I'm now seriously considering if I can go back. Anyone try this yet?

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well at least the phone update went OK

    I was able to update with only a minor delay yesterday due to the heavy network congestion, but when I tried to backup the newly upgraded phone, I realized I need to upgrade to iTunes 11.1. Well after dealing with that, I backed up the phone and found that the iTunes install had neutered my favorite drum machine software.

    I'd like to go back to iOS 6 so that I can downgrade iTunes...anyone done this yet?

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. Sean Timarco Baggaley

      Re: Well at least the phone update went OK

      Wait for your drum machine app to be updated.

      Many developers prefer to wait until the GM (i.e. final) developer seed of any new OS before working on major updates to take advantage of changes. iOS 7 introduces a number of new features to the core libraries, so it's always better to wait for these to bed in.

      This has always been the case with previous iOS releases, so it shouldn't really come as a great shock that many apps haven't been updated for iOS 7 just yet. Expect a rapid series of point updates – it's got a *lot* of new code under the hood; the cosmetic changes are just the tip of the iceberg – as well as updated apps over the next couple of months. My money's on iOS 7.1 appearing around the same time as the new iPads and OS X 10.9 are released.

      (Note that many apps are still following the old iOS 6-and-earlier UI guidelines, so it'll take a while before the app launcher starts to look a bit less like an explosion in a Technicolor® Yawn factory.)

      iOS developers have had *months* to check out the beta versions, new APIs and developer docs, so it shouldn't take long for your favourite app to get an update. If they seem to be dragging their feet, switch to an app written by a team that actually gives a damn about their customers.

  33. This post has been deleted by its author

  34. Sean Timarco Baggaley

    Must be a slow news day.

    Apple don't have anywhere near the same number of data centres Google does, nor do they own their own undersea / cross-border cables – not that I'm aware of, anyway. Google own some of those too.

    Sadly, Apple and Google had a bit of a falling-out a few years ago and they haven't been on speaking terms of late. I understand El Reg is similarly in Apple's bad books. The upshot of which is that Apple are almost entirely at the mercy of the middlemen who connect you with their servers: your ISP, their peering, interconnections like Telehouse, and so on, all along the line. It only takes one bottleneck to slow things down for everybody else.

    And yet, every single bloody time a major online roll-out like this happens, we *always* get the same tiresome filler pieces bemoaning the fact that—shock!—the internet is not, in fact, an exception to the laws of physics.

    (Besides: what happened to waiting a day or so to see what issues all those early adopters have run into first?)

  35. Sean Timarco Baggaley

    Dear El Reg...

    ... still no "Edit" button? In 2013? Seriously?

    I see you also still haven't fixed the bug that deletes empty lines between paragraphs when copying to the clipboard in Safari on OS X. This only seems to affect comment posts; articles copy just fine.

    Considering the industry you're supposed to be reporting on, this is a very poor show.

  36. Electric Panda

    I have an iPhone 5 and I downloaded iOS 7 earlier today.

    Verdict? Meh. The visual overhaul strikes me as someone (Jony Ive) wanting to make his mark and purge the old skeumorphism, rather than being absolutely necessary. I'm not seeing too much beyond a drastic visual refresh as the iPhone 5 doesn't have the fingerprint sensor, so even that novelty is missing for me. When I finished the install while connected to iTunes, I was told I had to download a Podcast app from the App Store...since when did the iPhone on-board music player lose this capability?

    The Android apeing continues. Remember when the Android-style notifications centre appeared? Well, now the Control Centre with its volume controls and radio buttons has arrived - I've still got my LG Optimus P500 I picked up in early 2011 for £150 running pretty much stock Android, and it has the same functionality. One thing it did have that iOS 7 doesn't is a button to turn the 3G on and off, incidentally.

    Now, the new look itself. iOS may have looked stale and starting to show its age, but at least it was a unique and different look to the armies of competing Androids. This is no longer the case and I'm vaguely reminded of a re-skinned HTC Sense in some ways.

    Unless I'm going mad, I'd say the overall volume coming out of the speakers has been reduced overall as well, irrespective of your audio settings. I left them the same as on iOS 6 and it's noticeably quieter one media playback, although not by desperate amounts.

    The battery life is also suspect and definitely not as good, but others have also pointed this out so I don't feel like I'm going mad on that front. Idling at standby with the screen turned off, under iOS 7 the battery is dropping to 95% in the same length of time iOS 6 dropped to 98% under the same conditions - switch on WiFi or 3G while playing back some media and it plummets further.

    Overall it's "shiny shiny", but underneath the shiny veneer nasty things do lurk. It needs another coat of polish which I'm sure is coming in due course.

  37. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    iOS 7: Boy's tears over Apple's new software

    The Telegraph. 9:26PM BST 19 Sep 2013

    "The arrival of Apple's new iOS 7 is all too much for one American boy who is distraught to discover his parents decision to upgrade to the new operating system. "

    "Four-year-old, Jack Colling, is reduced to tears after he turns on his iPad to play one of his favourite games, Plants vs Zombies, only to discover that everything has changed on his Apple device. "

    As his father tries to comfort him asking, "what's different?" about the new operating system, the boy wails "everything!".

    1. Mike Bell

      Re: iOS 7: Boy's tears over Apple's new software

      Yeah, kids are funny like that. I saw a nipper trying to use iPad-style finger gestures on a printed magazine once.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Phat Phingers!

    Darn it.

    Now my fat fingers are having even MORE trouble hitting the right parts of the screen.


  39. Amorous Cowherder

    I bet a few ladies will have something to say about the first twat! *shakes head*

    Oh and the worst day ever is death or a friend, parent or partner or even your own death. This is a fucking firmware update on a mobile phone.

  40. Ascylto

    Updated an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini with no problems. Yesterday, 19th Sept at about 10am. Took about 20 mins each. AND, I normally buy each iteration of any Apple product but i'm not going for the iPhone 5S because £709 is just TOO MUCH for features I don't need (want, yes, but not need}.

  41. KPz

    I left my iPhone 5 updating and went to play GTA V.

    We live in marvelous times, people, marvelous times.

  42. Philippe

    2 out of 3 over here and one nice present

    Updated the wife iPhone4, the daughter iPhone 4S and my iPhone 5.


    The 4 and the 5 updates went without a hitch.

    The 4S update crashed losing apps and music. Lucky though everything (including games scores) was backed up safely on iCloud and 20 minutes later it was sorted.

    The daughter also complained that it looks too much like a windows Phone because "nobody wants their iPhone to look like a WindowsPhone dad..". Ok fair enough.

    On the good news side, Apple asked me to register my 5 which I hadn't done in a year and then offered to install iWork, iPhoto and iMovie for free. That's like 35 quids of Apps. Thank you very much.

  43. Zot

    My download was less than 700Mb.

    And the download was less than 10 minutes. If you!re not going to use WiFi then it's your own fault for long delays.

    The video posted on the article called 'listening to these days' only has audio up to 20 seconds on my ipad 2! I don't know if that's an update problem though.

    I don't like the look of the icons now. They've taken too much corner off, and it looks like a robot's sweet shop.

  44. Wang N Staines

    Buy the new phones

    If you want ios7, why don't you buy the new phones? You poor chavs!!!

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