back to article TPG floats fibre cherry-pick

Second-tier ISP TPG is eyeing the big league, announcing a plan to use its fibre network to connect a 100 Mbps fibre-to-the-building service to high-density apartments around Australia. At the company's 2013 full-year financial briefing, TPG chairman David Teoh discussed the plan and said the company had begun design work on …


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  1. factor

    The job done right & fast.

    This is great news. NBN has had enough difficulty just connecting free-standing homes to fibre.

    Multiple-dwelling-units (MDUs / apartment blocks) were always too difficult. Run fibre to the basement, body-corporate provides the power, VDSL up the existing cables over very short distance. Minimal construction, efficient deployment.

    There should still be a fair amount of FTTH in a nation wide roll out -- but all MDUs are best served by fibre-to-the-basement. FTTH is great for moderate density free-standing homes (ie: efficient to roll-out appropriate cost/benefit/longevity).

  2. robert 15

    I just want decent speed

    I don't really care if its the NBN or a private supplier, I just want decent download speeds. And I want decent upload speeds for my slingbox too.

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