back to article Box morphs into Google Docs competitor

Document management startup Box has added a collaborative document editing technology to its product suite, taking on Microsoft's Office 365, Google Docs, and others. The "Box Notes" product was announced by the company before dawn on Monday, just in advance of its document-sharing jamboree that BoxWorks kicked off in San …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    US Company with US based servers


  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Client side encryption?

    Really, if they want to survive outside of the USA, and are competing with MS & Google, they need something special.

    Having an open-sourced encryption layer that ensures that only those with the private password can (easily) decrypt the server-side data would be something worth having.

    Yes, I know there are lots of ways to compromise that, obviously if you are using a compromised OS, but privacy by design would be a decent selling point.

  3. Dave Wiggins

    Document Management?

    Being able to create and edit a document online does not equate to document management. There are many missing pieces here. Version Control, Process Automation, Retention Schedules. This is really just folders in the clouds! Something you could easily do with basic server file sharing. And how often do you really need to have two people editing a document at exactly the same time?

    1. Roger Greenwood

      Re: Document Management?

      "two people editing a document at exactly the same time?"

      In some cases, rarely. In others, all the time. We share a spreadsheet continuously between up to 10. Simple to use, cheap, every day, all day. It has a place.

  4. Neil 49

    Box arrives late at the party with a big crate of beer, just as people are getting in taxis and hitting the town instead.

  5. JeeBee

    I wonder how much better than Etherpad Lite this really is. Etherpad Lite is really simple to install, and all this seems to add is a bit of theming and maybe a plugin or two for the video/image content.

  6. John Ruddy

    It wont be easy

    Wasnt Box the name of the talking handheld computer used by Commander Nathan Spring in StarCops?

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