back to article Fujitsu femto boost promises to double LTE speeds

Japanese computing giant Fujitsu has taken the wraps off new capabilities designed to combat radio interference and boost the speed of its LTE femtocells by as much as double. Femtocells are often advanced as a way to improve the reach of mobile networks, as by placing the small cells in homes or businesses wired backhaul can …


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  1. Vlad


    Is it only me that thinks of Austin Powers fembots whenever I read 'femto'?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    like wireless kit

    oh. looks like someone saw what 802.11AP kit does (especially enterprise wireless kit) and thought 'hang on, we didn't do ANY of this for our stuff, lets do it'. oh well. at least it gives femtocells better performance..though should be covered by prior art

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