back to article Flash floggers whip out flash cards, SSDs, unleash frantic flood of updates

While Pure Storage's $150m funding round and the WD/Virident and Cisco/Whiptail acquisitions take centre stage at the flash fairground thee's lots going on at the side stalls with Fusion-io, Intel, OCZ and sTec. Fusion-io ioFX cards Fusion-io ioFX workstation flash card HP customers can optionally use Fusion-io's ioFX …


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  1. Joseph Bryant


    I'm sure you mean "lie down and die", not "lay down and die".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: grammar

      Shhhhhhhhhh.... we don't have transitive and intransitive any more. They have been officially expunged from new("world order")speak. We have always been illiterate. There was never transitive or intransitive. Move along.

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