back to article WD's billion-dollar flash slurps: All this tech, and STILL no deal with chip-fryers

WD has splashed or intends to spend a whopping $1.1bn on building its flash technology and products portfolio, in the most aggressive series of moves yet by a hard disk drive vendor into flash, and yet it still hasn't inked a long-term chip supply deal with a flash foundry. Just yesterday it paid $685m for Virident. So what …


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  1. RobHib

    Seems WD's Seen the Writing on the Wall for Spinning-Disk Technology.

    Seems WD's seen the writing on the wall when it comes to spinning-disk technology. Like Seagate, WD is certainly no testament to the reliability of hard disk technology (a technology which I point out is now problematic in a post to today's earlier Seagate story Shingle me timbers! Seagate brags of 1m SMR drives - where are they?.

    However, unlike Seagate who is seemingly flogging a dead horse by persisting in pushing the density envelope higher and higher on spinning-platter technology, perhaps WD is doing something positive about the problems by pushing its dollars into more reliable storage technologies.

    We'll see. I await with interest.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Better Shop Around

    Seems like WD should have shopped around a bit more and saved 200 Million and bought Whiptail for 400 Million like Cisco just did.

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  6. Muhammad Imran/mi1400
    Thumb Up

    Basically Seagate is pretending in some high esteemed egoistic mutlated form of balmer. who does not to look down even while walking, it makes watch WD etc walking around too. anyway thing is since EVs are a "stopgap" for hydrogen fuel cells. ARM are a stopgap for MIPS. seagate is in wishful thinking that NAND is "stopgap" for ReRAM and similar. And over that seagate thinks that competitors already have milked this NAND cow so hard that blood might start oozing out any time soon... seeing Samsung-840-Pro it seems to look like right now.. as samsung had to do Vertical NAND and overclock controller memory. So disbanding of NAND could be in 1-2 years cuz HP ReRAM is very close to production. All said and done i hate seagate to my guts over this thinking... and wish WD all the best to start with NAND and parallel invest in HP ReRAM i.e. Friend of its Friend Hynix. So much of ur secretive plans Seagate ... [SPIT] ...

    And Ahan ... one more thing... there is no 3.5" drive with enough low power to exploit USB voltages... their is still a HDD segment vacant where NO AC adapter 4-TB "semi" portable HDDs could be deviced to use just USB voltage. i have seen articles where 3.5" desktop WD drives in normal/lower throughput mode use power just what USB can deliver ... the problem was the drive any second can decide to go in higher performance state hence disapear from DeviceManager. WD has to just cap/throtle that and release a robust RED version being performance conservative (no problem) but delivering on AC adapter free operation. So much of ur secretive plans Seagate ... [SPIT] ...

  7. ComputerMemoryNerd

    WD wants to grow SSD business quickly

    Don't forget that WD may have a strategy to buy up customer bases and quickly grow market share, and not just assimilate SSD technology. Quickly becoming a heavyweight SSD supplier will strangle weak competition and weaken Seagate's play in the SSD world.

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