back to article Intel shows off 'disaggregated' rack of servers, storage, and networking

At the "Avoton" Atom C2000 chip launch on Wednesday in San Francisco, Intel showed off several of the components of its Rack Scale Architecture working in concert and also announced a partnership with Microsoft to push the idea on its Windows platforms for data centers and on the Windows Azure public cloud. Intel has already …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    HP CTO on a similar topic

    Specifically using optics all the way down to the server level

    long speech, though all good here is a link to that particular segment:

    (if youtube doesn't jump straight to the segment just skip to 18 min 45s into it)

    "Copper is the energy sucking devil"

    "Our math tells us we will use 16,000 times less energy per bit to process by moving from pure copper based systems to photonic based systems"

    A current example he used was a 6Tbps fiber cable, vs a handful of copper cables that can do 300Gbps.

    cool stuff, at least to me.

    1. Denarius
      Thumb Up

      Re: HP CTO on a similar topic

      dunno about HP. Poor hit rate these last few years. However, Intel has done well. I vaguely recall them saying they were working on cheap optical NICs years ago. Doing high speed optical comms on servers is a good first step in perfecting the technology so prices drop and performance rises. For those inhabiting Oz cities, it means FTTP is the way to go as consumer end devices can use all the traffic that can be sent to them by then. Lets hope it's not consisting of some big brother type show in 3D. Real life is already like that thanks to the spooks and the gullible pollies.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I get it now

    IBM is getting out of the low end server business because Intel wants it all. First, hardware for the masses, then, software. Is anyone's business really safe from Intel?

    1. Robert Heffernan

      Re: I get it now

      Easy! Does the business use Intel Inside? No? Then its not safe.

      1. Denarius

        Re: I get it now

        so thats why Intel license AMD silicon designs ;-) Safe, nothings safe.

  3. smudge

    It's been done before

    Intel shows off 'disaggregated' rack of servers, storage, and networking

    This has long been implemented in the data centre of the company I work for.

    We call it "not having a f***ing clue where anything is".

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