back to article Deloitte research says NBN a winner for households

As Australia races towards a federal election likely to kill off the country's current model for a national broadband network, the (probably) outgoing government has released a report saying the annual value of the network to households will be in the order of $AU3,800. The study, by Deloitte Access Economics, suggests that …


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  1. poopypants


    In other news, Microsoft releases authoritative report that says owning Windows 8 makes you more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I could use that bandwidth for remote access to work right now, if it were available. And I could also use low fibre latencys too. And as my house is not on the 3 year plan, if there is a change of government I would pay the $5k user pays to have fibre to the premises connected. Except that turned out to be a lie, because it would be crazy to lay fibre to individual houses one at a time as people want it. So, this threatens to the be the first federal election outcome that puts me in a situation where I may need to sell my house and move. Why o why cant the coalition see that the labor NBN is a good plan, and build it even if they do get in.

  3. RealFred

    The issue with the NBN is that the government controls the company that will run it. We have a company at the moment that people loathe, that was once owned by the government and then privatised, except that the government still has a 51% share in it and still can't run the fucking company properly.

    Remember the Internet filter, the Government will use the NBN as a lever to get it in place finally (can you say NSA). Let private enterprise build the NBN equivalent

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