back to article Syrian Electronic Army hacks US Marines, asks 'bros' to fight on its side

A US marines recruitment website,, was hacked and defaced by hacktivists from the infamous Syrian Electronic Army over the weekend. The attack was used to post a propaganda message (full text here) claiming that the Syrian Army have been fighting Al Qaeda insurgents for three years and describing Obama as a " …


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  1. DrXym

    Wow such a tough "army"

    The extent of activity by the Syrian Electronic "Army" seems to extend to defacing websites and twitter accounts. Really hardcore stuff in other words.

    1. Wzrd1 Silver badge

      Re: Wow such a tough "army"

      Script kiddies at their, erm, worst.

      What is disgusting is that El Reg calls figuring out an insecure password hacking.

      They'd quite likely shit themselves if they saw a real hack done by a CEH, let alone a black hat.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The problem is...

    they are are right, they are fighting Al-Q, so choose which shitty side you want to be on.

    Bit like choosing the Mujahideen in Afghanistan over Russia, or favouring Iraq over Iran.

    1. Wzrd1 Silver badge

      Re: The problem is...

      It's a choice right now of shit or excrement.

      What really matters in the end is who manages to retain control after all of the murder and destruction is over.

      Pity, I rather liked Syrians. Overall, they were rather laid back folks that had really cool ladies bedroom attire.

      At the end of this, it's likely the ladies will be wearing sackcloth from birth to grave, even when showering.

      Maybe I should start the lot of them off on me and distract them from killing each other. I'll just pick on them for how small their olives are compared to Lebanese olives, let alone Egyptian olives. ;)

      (Yes, I spent enough time in the region to know what each exported food tasted like. It makes me want to strip the warhead off of a cruise missile, shove the missile body up Assad's ass, then launch him out to sea.)

  3. Slik Fandango

    Misread that

    Thought they wanted Bros to fight for them...

  4. g e

    So everyone's just hoping this news report goes away...?

    As far as I can tell it's really Yahoo, really news and really from January...

    Apparently the Dail Mail disappeared it from their site but who knows with the Daily Mail anyway.

    1. DrXym

      Re: So everyone's just hoping this news report goes away...?

      The pertinent word in that article is "".

    2. Maharg

      Re: So everyone's just hoping this news report goes away...?

      I believe Infowars as far as I can throw Fox News…

    3. Wzrd1 Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Re: So everyone's just hoping this news report goes away...?


      Erm, I rather closely track US chemical weapons inventory. I also still have access to those networks.

      The US is destroying the remaining small stockpile of that shit as quickly as can be safely done.

      The US also lacks a large inventory of that particular agent, far less than was employed or is currently in stock in Syria.

      But, what would this US military retiree know? I only still hold a multiple character clearance, complete with alphabet soup after it. I trust the USG even less than AQ does.

      So, I keep close track, lest I get called out of retirement before I can clear country.

  5. Jonathan Richards 1

    The Jester twitter links...

    ... are currently 404 (or the twequivalent): "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!"

  6. SirDigalot


    Marines can read now?

    1. Wzrd1 Silver badge

      Re: Wait..

      I'm retired US Army, but know plenty of reformed Marines and plenty of still serving Marines.

      The *only* dumb Marines I ever met were commissioned officers. Two of them out of hundreds I personally know/knew.

      The US studied IQ and military capability ages ago. They learned, one cannot get a moron to charge a machinegun nest, one can trivially get a genius to do so and most of those who are of above average intelligence. They further quantified the particular measures and those are reflected in the ASVAB test.

      My scores qualified me for every position, save crypto.

      Ended up implementing a lot of crypto, having to understand it to make it work after I retired.

      There is idiocy and there is stupidity. An idiot won't perform in a military environment involving combat, the stupid person will happily make a suicide charge "for the cause".

      Though, it takes a special kind of stupid to go through hell week, all the other hell, then serve through hell and damnation and survive. Those are selected for an inability to quit, regardless of how lousy things are and will become.

      Amazingly, many of us survive.

      Some become BOFH MKII. ;)

  7. loneranger

    Syria chose the wrong friends

    If Assad had not chosen the crazy Iranian mullahs and Hezbollah as his best friends, it's possible that he might have a lot more western friends to help him against AQ. As it is, our choice is to try and help the Syrian people who just want to be free and try not to help AQ at the same time, or do nothing and help the mullahs of Iran who also are oppressing their people who want freedom but don't yet have the courage to do as the Syrian people have.

    A funny but true quote (from memory) from the president of Yemen: Ruling the people of Yemen is like "dancing on the heads of snakes". The entire Middle East is like that, not just Yemen.

    I understand the sentiments of those who are opposed to intervention by the US, but I see no alternative but to help oust Assad and try to get the best people (moderates) possible to replace him.

    1. Wzrd1 Silver badge

      Re: Syria chose the wrong friends

      Dude, get the real facts, not the press release.

      First up to bat, Iran's mullahs aren't crazy. They're pissed off over the US overthrowing their democracy for UK oil interests that were stealing Iran's oil. They've repeatedly said that they only want an official apology from the US.

      When Obama made a half-mention, he was lambasted by the GOP and submitted as public enemy #1, rather than public enema #1 that he is.

      The fact is, Assad chose Iran for a simple reason: Loads of oil money funding efforts to support him, errr, their cause. Hence, load of warm, breathing bodies that happen to also get halfway level training and leaders get both decent training and excellent experience (they survived war).

      The *entire* Levant and GCC is like dancing on the heads of snakes unless one understands the culture and works both with and against aspects of it. It's challenging, but not impossible if one has an operational brain.

      I see no alternative, as Obama made a bold demand to not use chemical weapons and idiot used them. Either lose all stature on POTUS statements forever or act.

      But, acting *is* the right thing. Sarin isn't a nice agent. Thermal weapons aren't very nice either.

      Bullets, bombs and knives aren't nice either, but this veteran would happily skin alive anyone who uses thermal weapons (napalm, thermite, thermobaric weapons, etc) or chemical weapons in an area where large numbers of civilians can get injured.

      I'll not even go into blood agents, choking agents or vesicant agents.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Maharg

    Re: Syria chose the wrong friends - In addition to what Wzrd1 said

    The other and often overlooked issue in the west is religion.

    The reason Hezbollah and Iran are siding with, while everyone else in the region are against Assad is due to Assad and the ruling class being Alawites, a branch of Shia Islam, Shia is the main religion of Iran and Hezbollah, while a lot of the countries around them are, and rulled by predominately Sunni and other types of Muslim. And they don't like each other.

    The same thing happened in Europe when the Catholic and Protestant states would side with the respective religion even if it meant the country they fought alongside had been an enemy a few years before.

    It wasn’t a case of Assad choosing to side with Iran, they were they only ones who would, while Alawites might be the ruling party, they are in the minority in Syria, the civil war in Syria is a small scale version of the wider region tensions and a repeat of (on a larger scale) previous conflicts and uprisings in Syria.

    As the Bedouin say

    “If needed I will fight against my brother,

    my brothers and I will fight against my cousins,

    and my cousins and I will fight against strangers”

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